What Is A Kabbalah Reading?

Kabbalah is a Jewish tradition that aims to reveal the essence of God and the importance of creation. Kabbalah is also referred to as the “soul” of the Torah and it means ‘received’ in Hebrew. “Wisdom of Truth” and “the Inner Torah” are other names used for it. It reveals a collective universal plan and structure and helps to make clear different aspects of life.

Kabbah is classified into multiple disciplines and schools of belief, so it cuts across different teachings.

There are three ways in which Kabbalah is practiced which we have described below.

Theoretical Kabbalah

Theoretical Kabbalah gives the conceptual framework suitable for different theological ideas as well as handling problems from various schools of philosophy. It is also concerned with sefirot or divine emanations, the form of the mysteries, and shedding light on the structure of the angelic domains. In addition, the Theoretical holds a framework that expounds on both practical and meditative Kabbalah. Overall, it is meant to give clarity of the universe, ourselves, and the Torah.

Practical Kabbalah

Practical Kabbalah is used to invoke supernatural powers through white magic, this tampers with the physical reality. Chiromancy, astrology, & physiognomy, divine names & incantations, and talismans & amulets are used in this type of Kabbalah. However, these techniques were considered spiritually demeaning and risky by some of the well-known theoretical kabbalists, and this left very few surviving texts. Practical Kabbalah examples include Tales of the Golem of Prague.

Meditative or Contemplative Kabbalah

Meditative Kabbalah helps to gain an understanding of the nature of the universe using meditational techniques like Hebrew-letter permutations, among others.

Understanding Kabbalah Reading

Gematria, which is the method of numerology using Hebrew letters is used for most of the kabbalistic readings. Initially, Torah passages were interpreted with the Gematria to help disclose deeper shades of meaning as well as associations in a specific text.

Sefer Yetzirah states that the two main materials that make up the creation of the universe are letters and numbers and as a result, linked to power and meaning. Vital spiritual facets of life can be revealed by applying this process to your personal details or names.

Zohar is yet another Kabbalistic reading, written in Aramaic. While it is harder to understand when compared to most Kabbalistic readings, benefiting from its powers does not depend on being able to comprehend it. And it is said that each letter of the Zohar carries spiritual energies which can be unlocked by simply scanning through it. There are also selected passages with different uses like protecting you from the evil eye, improving health, or finding a soulmate.

In other instances, Kabbalistic symbolism has also been incorporated into tarot card decks by many practitioners.

The Essence of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is used to study the world we can’t feel by first sensing it before perceiving it. As opposed to the belief that Kabbalah studies the Upper world which is detached from reality and abstract, it explains an attainable reality that is real.

Kabbalah makes it possible to attain everything considering that humans place value depending on how they benefit. “The wisdom of Kabbalah” aids to attain wholesome success in the present time and place.

The Fundamental Essences of Kabbalah

According to a Kabbalah notion, the world is created and sustained by the sefirot. The sefirot are a composition of ten channels of divine plenty and each one has multiple meanings and gradation. The upper three sefirot are abstract features of consciousness while the lower seven act directly on the world with different biblical personalities linked to each one of them.

Keter(Crown)- Keter is also Divine will.

Chochmah(Wisdom)- Chochmah distinguishes and creates. It is also intuitive knowledge and grasp.

Binah(Understanding)- Binah carries logical analysis and it is also the synthetic and analytical power of the mind.

Da’at(Knowledge)- It is the accumulation of the known.

Chesed(Loving kindness)- Chesed is that which gives of itself and carries love as well as the inclination towards things. Abraham is the biblical personality linked to Chesed.

Gevurah(Strength)- Gevurah is the inward elimination of terror, restraint, hate, control, fear, and justice. Isaac as the biblical personality linked to it.

Tiferet(Beauty)- Tiferet is beauty, harmony, compassion, and truth, with Jacob as the biblical personality associated with it.

Netzach(Victory)- It is the core of conquest as well as the capacity of overcoming, and Moses is the biblical personality associated with it.

Hod(Splendor)- Hod is persistence and Aaron is the biblical personality associated with it.

Yesod(Foundation)- Yesod is the carrier from one point to the other. The biblical personality associated with it is Joseph.

Malkhut(Kingdom)- It is the ultimate receptacle, rule, and sovereignty.

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