What is a Criminal Bail Hearing Like in St Petersburg Florida

American law enforcement officials have developed many different types of legal procedures. These procedures have been developed over time in order to protect the public and the person who is being accused of a crime. One such procedure is what is known as bail. Bail is designed to allow people to stay out of jail until their case is heard by the courts. The aim is to avoid imprisoning people who have not been convicted of any crime. At the same time, officials also want to make sure they are fully protecting the public. Balancing the two goals typically requires the judge to consider many aspects of the accusations. This is typically done at a criminal bail hearing. If you are attending a bail hearing of this kind in St. Petersburgh, Florida, you’ll want to know what to expect. Working with William Hanlon St Petersburg Criminal Attorney can help you prepare for this important hearing.

All Floridians are entitled to have their case heard after an arrest. The judge must hear the case within twenty-four hours. This is what is known as a First Appearance. The goal here is to determine if there is enough evidence that would warrant keeping the person locked up. Judges are trying to determine if a legal standard known as probable cause exists. In response, state officials may argue that the defendant should be held without a bond because of varied factors. This includes a prior criminal record as well as the existence of a great deal of evidence against them at the present time.

Defendant Conditions

At this point in time, the judge will examine the evidence to see what case the prosecutor has right now. They are trying to figure out if the person qualifies for bail. They are also trying to determine what amount of bail might be set. This includes the person’s background, financial assets and ability to make bail. If the person does not have enough money to put for bail, they can work with a bail bondsman. However, this option can be costly. Bail bondsmen take ten percent of the money even if the defendant is later found to be innocent of the crime. Those who lack the assets to pay such funds can be at a serious disadvantage. This is why the judge wants to make sure they are not setting bail too high, especially if the evidence against the person is not strong.

In addition to determining the amount of bail, if any, the judge will also look at conditions that the defendant must meet in order to be released. These conditions are designed to make sure the person shows up for any further legal action. Conditions may vary depending on the defendant’s work history as well as their status in the United States. For example, people who hold another citizenship may be asked to give up both of their passports. A judge can impose other conditions as well. They can demand the defendant stay in the St. Petersburg area or not leave the state.

Legal Help 

A person who is facing such accusations can have their lawyer ask for different conditions. They can ask for lowered bail because they do not have the funds they need or the money to pay for bail help. A person can also ask for the imposition of different conditions. For example, the person may need to travel out of state for business reasons or to see a child. They may also ask the judge to avoid imposing other conditions that can limit their mobility or ability to function each day. Skilled, hard-working lawyers can help with this important process.

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