What Difficulties Can Foreign Students Face When Studying In Israel?

Israel has invested tremendously in its academic distinction. The country spent its last seven decades building up educational institutions that are on par with the high valued universities around the world. Israel encourages investing in learning and entrepreneurship that promotes a sense of independence. Today, it houses numerous innovative start-ups and industries, true to its moniker, the ‘Start-Up Nation.’

For a country, this efficiently developed and advanced, students are still skeptical about pursuing their higher education there. From safety issues to affordability when lined up with a few misconceptions, the reasons are numerous for students and their families to be hesitant to regard Israel as an option.

In this article, let us see what difficulties students might think that they would face in Israel. Addressing these matters head-on would help you choose the right program for you, without having misunderstandings hindering your path to an incredible experience.

1. Quality and Standard of Education

One of the major misconceptions is that the study programs in Israel are not of the same standard as the other world-renowned institutions.  Nonetheless, the higher education institutes in Israel are all ranked amongst the highest in the world.

Top Universities like the Israel Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv University, The University of Haifa, and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem have all made their mark and are celebrated for their academic excellence. As a matter of fact, Technion IIT’s computer science program has even found its way to the top 20 in the worldwide rankings.

There are many programs offered in English too, with many specializations to choose from. The only thing students have to worry about is to stay on top of their game and to score good grades. In such circumstances, students can ask professional writers for essay help to keep up with the quantity of work and assignments in college.

2. Safety and Personal inclinations

 In 2018, a professor at the University of Michigan withheld a letter of recommendation to one of the students who wanted to apply in Israel for a semester abroad. This was a result of the University policy to boycott Israel in support of Palestinians. The event caught a lot of attention nationwide, supporting the student. The popular opinion was learning should not be controlled due to any country’s political decisions, as every person will have an opinion on every country’s policies.

Instead of encouraging students to accept diverse communities, such personal opinions by families and the school could influence what and how any student could perceive a country like Israel.

Such instances thus result in one of the biggest worries of students; their safety in Israel. International students vouch by the fact that they feel much safer in their Universities in Israel rather than at home in America. If you refer to the statistics, in reality, the crime rate in the United States is much higher than in Israel. Public safety is of prime importance in Israel, and routine checking happen in public places like malls, markets, public transport, etc.

Universities such as Israel Institute of Technology, an institution much sought after by American students, is well away from the Gaza Strip and anything that is happening with the political issues, does not affect the daily life of the students in any way.

3. Cultural and Language Barriers

 Contrary to popular belief, Israel is well developed. As students, going abroad to study will definitely require a time to get accustomed to cultural traits and the general way of living. Israel is a very diverse country with many opportunities for students to expand their horizons. Its rich historical background and strong traditions do not keep them away from welcoming international students to their land. In fact, universities have been advocating for receiving more and more international students from countries all over the world. The universities are well equipped to welcome students and provide them with every requirement, just like they would in any college in the US. It’s worth noticing that Israeli universities accept papers ordered from the US writing agencies, such as Getfinanceessay. Thus, American students can easily submit their assignments on time.

The one thing Americans might have to prepare for is the Shabbat. The day of rest beginning at the sundown every Friday, it ends almost 40 minutes later on Saturday; leaving many businesses to stay closed across the country. The weekend being the busiest in the US, this might come as a peculiar change to the foreign students.

The other concern is regarding the language. Though Hebrew and Arabic are commonly used, English is also widely spoken throughout the country. Especially in a college campus, students will have no difficulty to converse with peers. Outside the campus, if you look like a foreigner, the locals would definitely switch to English if you are engaging in a conversation with them.

Nevertheless, remember that a part of studying abroad is also to experience new and distinct elements. Israel is one of the most diverse countries for anyone to study. The country has plenty to offer, both in academics and a wealthy cultural platform to transform yourself.

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