Useful advice for writing a winning resume for the first job

Writing the first resume can be challenging. You may be worried that you do not have sufficient experience to include all the necessary details in your resume. However, this should not worry you because you will learn how to make a resume for the first job. You will soon discover that you are capable of having a winning resume.

What To Do Before Starting the Process

Do not get straight into the writing process. Consider that the ultimate aim of a resume is to make you a strong candidate for a company by demonstrating that you can add value. So that you may make a winning resume, you need to identify what potential employees want. Identify the job listings in the field of your interest and check the skills and qualifications needed. You can also consult experienced professionals to inform you what they consider when making hiring decisions. Doing this will ensure that you develop your resume based on what potential employees are likely to consider.

Manage your expectations

This being your first time to write a resume for a possible job, you may have unnecessarily high expectations. Such expectations may cause anxiety and discourage you once the job market does not meet your expectations. You need to be aware that the job market is very competitive. You are not the only one with such qualifications. Besides, you are also competing with individuals with more work experience and possibly better academic qualifications. Instead of being anxious, use the process as a learning experience. Once you fail to secure a job in a particular company or organization, identify areas that led to the failure and work on them before the next application.

Review your experiences

A majority of the fresh graduates are concerned that the lack of adequate experience. Despite excellent academic qualifications, fresh graduates may not have the confidence to convince potential employers they are the right candidates. You need to know that employers are looking for individuals who have something related to what the job requires. A lack of experience should hence not discourage you from applying for your dream job. The best professional resume and cover letter writing services will assist you with experience in the best way possible. The service will identify something that you did that related to some of the job requirements and capitalize on it.

Consider the keywords in the job requirements

Every resume needs to be customized to fit the job you are applying to. This means you have to take time and identify what the job requires. Carefully read the requirements to know what the job entails. Look at the job description and identify keywords that demonstrate what the hiring managers want. Include these keywords in your document so that an employer can identify with your qualifications.

No more than a page

Hiring managers are handling many applications hence they do not have a lot of time to read long resumes. In most cases, employers spend about 10 seconds looking at a resume. If your resume is long, then they will most likely not look at it. Since this is your first resume do not go beyond one page. You can consider examples from a service that provides English essay writing help. Their papers have been written by experienced writers whose English and writing skills are excellent. To help you count the number of words, characters, sentences, and paragraphs, you can use the character counter online tool for free.

Check resume examples for your field

Being your first time to write this document, you do not know what to include and what to leave out. You need to search online and identify samples that can guide you to write your resume. In the samples, consider:

Check how the writer has formatted the resume. Follow the same format when writing your document.
Look at the language the writer has used. The language is likely to be simple and straightforward.
You will discover most of the samples are one or two pages maximum.

Use a professional font

Remember the ultimate aim is making a resume stand out among those submitted by other candidates. You need to ensure that the resume is readable to enable the hiring managers to notice you. Use professional fonts like New Times Romans, Arial, and Calibri among others. At the same time, ensure the font size is at least 12 for the text and 14 for the headers. The spacing should also be appropriate. Using a professional font will make your document easy to read. This means that an employer will be in a better position to identify your qualifications easily.

Use only active voice

Writing a resume, just like academic writing makes use of active voice. Where the subject acts upon the verb, then this constitutes an active voice. Change all the sentences from the passive voice to active voice. This will demonstrate that you are a candidate who is a professional writer.

Concisely, this article enables you to know how to write a resume. The tips outlined are critical for students who are writing resumes for the first time. You need to remember that while you may lack the required working experience, you can capitalize on something similar you have done. Ensure that your document is visually appealing to your potential employer. Mind about the font size, color, length, and the language you use.

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