Urban Adventures: How to Add Some Extra Excitement When Visiting a New City

Exploring a new city is all about experiencing everything it has to offer. Taking in new sights, meeting new people and participating in activities that may be unique to the destination.

Below are ways on how best to make your exploration of any new city as exciting as possible:

1.      Travel Like A Local

Travelling is not just about reaching your final destination, how to choose to get there or how you get around the city once you arrive is an important aspect of your adventure. Try to avoid playing it safe and travelling everywhere by taxi or tourist bus. Instead, take inspiration from the locals and how they choose to navigate their city. In Amsterdam it’s all about the bicycle, in Paris you’ll see the locals weaving through the streets on scooters and Bangkok is famous for their tuk-tuks. Opting to travel like the locals will give you an insight into their city and all its character and charm. Look out for local hire or rental companies such as Scootering that offer ways to navigate cities in style. Opting to travel like the locals will give you an insight into their city and all its character and charm.

Public transport is also an excellent option when exploring a new city. Local buses, trams and trains will take you through areas many tour guides do not and you’ll be nestled in amongst the locals and get a feel for their routine. Taking public transport is also often the cheapest option.

2.    Don’t Stick To A Strict Itinerary

Sure, they’ll be things you want to tick off the bucket list that require planning, and having a schedule can make you feel more secure in a new city, but try not to plan out every second of your trip. The beauty of experiencing somewhere new is discovering all the things that you can do during your visit.

Leave room in the schedule for some spontaneity! Remember most plans are not set in stone, give yourself the freedom to find locations and activities that you didn’t even know existed. Almost every city to travel to will surprise you in one way or another if you allow yourself to explore without restrictions.

3.      Talk To Strangers

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to new people during your trip. Talking to strangers and being friendly towards the locals could give you inside knowledge on the best places to eat, fun activities to look into or even places to avoid. Locals, in particular, will often want to share their recommendations and tell you what they love about their city.

Starting up conversations with fellow travellers could really enhance your trip if you’re travelling alone. Meeting a like-minded friend along the way could be the highlight of the trip and could lead to future adventures.

4.      Always Try The Food

One of the best parts of visiting a new city is experiencing the local cuisine. Having the internet at our fingertips makes it easier than ever to discover the best restaurants, cafes and bars in any given area. Instead of sticking to what you know that you’ll like, take a risk and ask your server what they’d recommend. The food may not be what you’d typically choose, but you may surprise yourself.

Visiting local food markets is another great way of getting a taste of local produce. You’ll often get a more authentic food offering from small food stalls that are run by locals than you would in any five-star restaurant.

Hopefully, the above tips will make your next urban adventure as exciting as possible. When visiting any new place the best thing to do is keep an open mind and try to embrace everything you can about the experience. Everyone has their own aims when exploring new cities so do whatever you feel will make your experience as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.

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