Upcoming Sporting Events to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

Sports, while different, are found in every country across the world. In addition to being seen worldwide, they also have a presence on television or the internet all across the globe. Sports brings people together and can be a good time for friends or family to enjoy a day together. The best time for these bounding experiences is when a tournament arises, and there is no shortage of tournaments worldwide.

World governments do their best to have their country host a tournament for multiple reasons. It adds excitement to the local area and attracts tourists who help to stimulate the economy from local shops to offshore betting sites. These are significant events in any country they are in and will attract people worldwide. Some people will make their travel arrangements based on tournaments that may soon occur. These events are hotspots for tourists and locals alike and are a great way to learn about a country’s culture while enjoying a sport that may be unavailable in other countries.

Below, we will examine the five upcoming tournaments and the host country.

Upcoming tournaments.

Here are some upcoming tournaments with their location and time of operation.

2024 Australian Open Jan 13 -26, Melbourne Park, Australia – Tennis has been a dominant sport for a long time, and it doesn’t matter where the sport is taking place, people will come to see it. The Australian Open is one of the industry’s premier tournaments, drawing in the best tennis players. As the name suggests, it takes place in Australia, known for its beautiful landscapes and beaches. So before and after the latest round, there will always be a chance to soak in the sights and enjoy local Australian cuisine.

2024 Final Four, April 6-8, State Farm Stadium, Phoenix, AZ – basketball has been a popular sport in America for decades, and its influence has been growing in the last few decades in other countries. The final four is a chance to see four top college basketball teams in the league battle it out to get to the championship game. This is also known as March Madness, and it’s widely regarded as a huge betting event as well with these top 7 offshore betting sites seeing a huge chunk of their traffic coming from this tournament. History shows that some of the greatest moments happen in this tournament, and the players give their all to bring their school honor. Taking place in Arizona, this US state is one of the top tourist destinations. Its beautiful year-round weather makes its beaches the perfect place to be, and it has turned itself into an entertainment hub, with so many things keeping someone’s attention. There are even opportunities to bet online on any game through gambling platforms.

2024 Master April 8-14 Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, GA – When it comes to golf, no tournament stands out to players and fans than the masters. If a player wishes to get remembered for generations, one of the best things they can do is win a master’s. But this is never an easy task; the best players come across the country and, in some cases, the world to play in these tournaments. Rain or shine, this game takes place, and the players need to put on their best show. Augusta has been the main site of this event since its first event in 1934, and it continues to impress those who attend, even if it’s extremely difficult to play on the course if you’re just an average Joe.. With this time, the city has become a tourist destination with many restaurants and minor events to coincide with the masters. It’s a place to understand Georgia and the city better, and it aims to impress those walking through the streets.

French Open, Roland Garros, Paris, France May 26 – June 9 – The French Open is similar to the Australian Open except, of course, it takes place in France. These two sites, along with two more sides, are a part of The Grand Slam in the tennis world, and it’s one of the premier events throughout the season. The French Open is another moment for players to show off their best stuff, take home the prize. Coming to France is always something to marvel at, whether it’s French cuisine or the atmosphere. The French country is one of those countries that takes a person’s breath away once they step foot on its soil, and taking in a game of tennis is one of the benefits of coming to France.

Champion League Final Jun 1, 2024, Wembley Stadium, London, England – Soccer is a game that transcends borders and cultures. Every country has soccer fans who would do anything to cheer on their favorite team. And there is no better time to do so than in the Champions League. Here, the best clubs will come together to take home the trophy and prove to all those looking they are the best team around. In the UK, this is a great chance to see where soccer has some of its most dedicated fans. This country has a long history and has been a dominant country for a long time; walking through this country, through the countryside, will show anyone what makes this country great and why show the country’s dedication to soccer.


Sports are everywhere, and there is no shortage of tournaments to explore and look at some of the top players in individual games. It’s a great time to spend with friends and an excellent opportunity to soak in different cultures. Plateys train year-round to make these tournaments and to put on the best show possible. Taking a peak at some of these tournaments could be one of the best times and make for lasting memories.

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