Understanding The Different Types Of Slip And Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are the most common types of accidents all over the world. According to a study, it has been found that almost everyone, at some point in their life, meets a certain type of slip and fall accident. Well, you might consider slip and fall accidents very common, but you should know that even these types of accidents can lead to severe injuries. This is why, in many cases, the victim hires a good lawyer for slip and fall accidents in Miami and gets the right amount of compensation.

Yes, according to the law, you deserve compensation for the losses you have suffered during an accident that has occurred because of someone else. But before getting into the details of how to file a case or what pieces of evidence you will need, it is very important to get familiar with the different types of slip and fall accidents.

So, without any further ado, let’s go through some of the most common types of slip and fall accidents in a very detailed way.

Damaged wrist or ankle

When you fall unexpectedly, then you will try to do all those things that might keep you safe. From covering your face to putting your hands on the floor so that your body won’t exert the direct pressure. You should know that if you put your hands in front while falling, then you might be able to protect your body, but you will end up with a sprinkled wrist. In some cases, people get sprinkled ankle due to the twist and turn while falling. A sparkled wrist or ankle is the most common injury during a slip and fall accident.

Broken Knee

Broken knees are another common type of injury during a slip and fall accident in Miami, and it usually happens because the person falling or slipping twists his legs and this results in the knee to move into an odd direction.  You should know that if you damage your ACL, then it will take you a long period to recover from it, and you will be confined to your bed for a very long time. But by working with a good lawyer, you can get compensation for the loss of a job due to such an injury.

Strain in muscles or dislocation of the shoulder

In many cases, people directly hit their shoulders on the ground when they fall, and if the impact is huge, then you might end up with a dislocated shoulder. Dislocated shoulders are common in sports like football and cricket, but even you can have a dislocated shoulder due to a slip and fall accident. In addition to shoulder dislocation, you may also suffer from muscle strain. Both shoulder dislocation and muscle strain require surgery if the condition is severe.

Damaged nerve or spine

Some parts of your body are fragile and nerve along with spine tops in the list of fragile body parts. Even a minor injury to these parts can send your whole body into complete paralysis. There have been many cases where people have ended up with a damaged nerve or spine after a slip and fall accident. Well, you should know that you can get compensation for such injuries as well. You just need the right lawyer and proper evidence.

All the injuries mentioned in this blog post can affect your life and job. This is why if you think that someone else is responsible for your accident, then you should immediately find a lawyer and file the case without any delay.

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