Travel Packing – Think Outside the Suitcase

Packing is easier if you’re going somewhere warm. Everybody knows that. Warmer climes mean skimpier clothes. No winter boots and coats mean less packing is needed. And, ultimately, less packing means less weight, which is a good thing, because the one quarter horsepower that a human can produce is truly put to the test when tasked with carrying around a bag of belongings all day. But you don’t always want to jet off to see the summer sun. Sometimes you want to go somewhere a little cooler. Or, in the case of chasing the Northern Lights, for example, somewhere much cooler. That’s why space isn’t always the only thing to consider when packing for a trip. Let’s look at some super packing tips that suit all destinations.

Quality glasses make things so much easier

How many pairs of glasses do you own? Two? Four? Nine? You probably have your glasses for different occasions. Glasses for work. Glasses for reading in bed. Glasses for evening events with friends. Your favourite glasses for relaxing on the weekend. Travel is no time for keeping track of the whereabouts of a list of glasses. Choose a pair – perhaps reading glasses – to suit your style for all occasions (see here for inspiration). Quality reading glasses built from robust materials will help you to cut down on the fuss of having several pairs of glasses constantly to hand throughout your trip.

You’re a mucky pup

One thing that people always forget to pack when travelling is some means of both keeping dirty clothes separate from clean clothes in your luggage, and a way of cleaning clothes in a hotel or hostel. Even if you think that you won’t get that dirty and even if you don’t believe for a second that you’ll need to make use of any laundry facilities along the way… what if you’re wrong? Accidents happen. Putting wet clothes in a suitcase or backpack with dry clean clothes is a rookie mistake. You need to carry several lightweight plastic bags in which you can deposit your dirty or wet clothes, ensuring the ongoing readiness of your other clean and dry clothes. You also cannot rely on the availability of washing detergent. The best advice is to pack a few small washing tablets that can save the day – even using one of these tablets in a sink and handing your clothes to dry in your room can make all the difference.

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