Travel Insurance Coverage in 2021

Are you contemplating going on a vacation or trip? If so, you should take relevant precautions to ensure your voyage is both fulfilling and worthwhile. In this article, we expose you to travel insurance comparison Singapore. Read on to learn the factors you need to consider when purchasing your travel insurance coverage in 2021 and the available companies you can trust.

When Do I Need to Get Travel Insurance?

As a safety net, travel insurance protects you from an array of risks that are likely to happen at home and abroad. It would be best if you bought your policy whenever you book any part of your trip. In so doing, you will benefit from cancellation cover in case anything goes wrong.

Types of Travel Insurance Covers

Albeit numerous, travel insurance policies can be divided into two major types of cover:

    • Single Trip Insurance- As the name suggests, this option covers you for one continuous journey only. It can, however, include multiple destinations. Coverage halts as soon as you return home.
    • Annual Insurance- Annual policies can offer you protection for numerous trips throughout a 12-month duration.

What am I Covered for?

cover types that are usually offered by a comprehensive travel insurance policy include:

    • Trip Interruption- Suppose you find yourself in a situation where you have to halt your trip and return home. Your insurance will cover you for all unused expenses.
    • Cancellation- If situations imply that you cancel your trip, trip cancellation compensates your lost, prepaid, and non-refundable expenses.
    • Travel Delays- This feature offers reimbursements for additional accommodation and travel charges owing to a six-hour delay or more.
    • Medical Assistance- Offers cover for necessary emergency medical expenses if you fall ill or suffer an injury during your vacation.
    • Baggage Delay- This coverage comes in if you buy essential items, then your luggage delays for 24 hours or more.
    • Evacuation- If you need emergency medical transportation due to injury or illness, you will be covered for transportation to the nearest medical facility.
    • Missed Connections- In case you miss a scheduled flight, this feature repays any resulting expenses.
When won’t I be Covered?

Your travel insurance policy is unlikely to cover your claim in events such as:

    • Failure to Obey Local Laws- You need to comply with local laws during the duration of your stay.
    • Unattended Belongings- You need to take necessary measures to reduce or prevent any loss you might suffer. This includes keeping an eye on your belongings at all times.
    • Risky Pursuits- Standard policies cannot reimburse for injuries and loss resulting from your involvement in risky adventures such as parasailing, rugby, or bungee jumping.
Best Travel Insurance in Singapore

Finding the best travel insurance can be cumbersome. As such, most people end up adopting the cheapest on offer or stick with a single provider out of habit. They include:

    1. DirectAsia Insurance

DirectAsia is one of the leading travel insurance companies in Singapore. Its list of services includes car insurance, motorcycle insurance, and travel insurance. They promise the best value for money for the following reasons:

    • Efficient Service Delivery- DirectAsia strives to offer its customers outstanding services. In addition to having a customer satisfaction rating of 90%, the company constantly seeks better ways to improve its services.
    • Listening Ear- Its team comprises dedicated specialists who will ensure that you receive a faster and customized process with greater clarity and assurance.
    • Tailor-Made features- DirectAsia allows customers to customize their insurance plans, thanks to their optional benefits. As a result, you pay only for what you want.
    1. Aviva Travel Insurance

After industriously accumulating your miles and using them to redeem a free flight to your dream holiday, unforeseeable circumstances force you to postpone or cancel your trip. Aviva can help you reclaim your redeemed miles. If your miles are irrecoverable, you will get a refund of the value of the airline ticket. Another highlight is that this plan avails trip cancellation benefit of $5,000 for any reason if your purchase is either Plus or Prestige plan.

    1. AXA Travel Insurance

Flight delays and loss of personal belonging are among the most widespread discomforts among travelers. AXA offers some of the highest coverage amounts for such occurrences. With the changes emanating from the pandemic era, traveling smart dictates having some form of coverage for the bug as available on AXA.

    1. FWD Travel Insurance

FWD is highly prominent in Singapore’s travel insurance market owing to its ease of claims and application. Additionally, the provider offers plenty of value for the type of price point you are getting. All tiers on this platform’s travel insurance come with complete medical evacuation and emergency repatriation features. FWD is an excellent alternative for individuals traveling to faraway destinations but seeks to save money, or if you are planning a quick weekend getaway.


In this modern era, you should endeavor to adopt smart traveling. This dictates that you subscribe to the best travel insurance coverage in 2021. With many imminent unforeseeable circumstances, your cover can come in handy with relevant reimbursements to avoid unnecessary losses. Consider the above points when seeking a travel insurance provider.

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