Travel Guide: Best Holiday Destinations for Weed Lovers

At the start of every year, people start making lists of all the places they would like to travel to in the coming holidays. Some might want to visit a beach, while others might wish to see the breathtaking mountains. If you are a weed lover, this travel guide is most definitely what you need.

Many people consider the culture, food, and climate when they think of planning their trips. Adding a new element to your mix, we will tell you about the best marijuana escapes, that is, the best countries to smoke or consume cannabis. Certain factors such as legality, quality, and price should be considered while planning a holiday destination.

Virginia, USA

Virginia is certainly a top contender when looking for the perfect holiday destination for weed lovers. With its rich history of cannabis cultivation and its vibrant contemporary culture of recreational use, Virginia truly offers something for everyone. This state has everything from stunning gardens and scenic parks to cozy coffee shops and nightlife hot spots. Virginia is the place to be, whether you’re an experienced smoker or a novice just starting, so if you’re craving some mind-altering relaxation this holiday season, head and get weed in Virginia – the best holiday destination for weed lovers!

Colorado, USA

One of the most popular destinations for marijuana is—Colorado. It would be extremely unfair to travelers if we missed out on this place on the list of great marijuana destinations. The state made recreational weed legal in 2014 and has become a center of attraction for many avid smokers worldwide. You can find more than 450 weed dispensaries that sell some of the best weed available on the market today.

There are many other fun weed-related activities that one can do in Colorado, such as cannabis cooking and even joint-rolling lessons! In fact, there are many exclusive places where you can smoke some good quality joints. Remember that smoking publically is illegal here, so reserve your spot at the cafe now!

British Columbia, Canada

Are you looking for a crime-free, peaceful country that has recently legalized recreational weed? Look no further than the lovely country of Canada. Due to the recent federal legalization of weed, tourists are flocking to Canada. If you are looking to try something different, you can opt for some herbivores edibles to experience weed differently. If you haven’t had edibles before, take a small dose at first. Those looking for high-quality weed and edibles, along with classy views and vibrant nightlife, can head to British Columbia for a great vacation.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you have been an avid smoker for quite some time, you will know that the best holiday weed destination is Amsterdam. The Netherlands has been the best place for any weed lover since the 1970s. You can very easily chill and get high in one of the many famous cafes in the area. Since the country considers cannabis as a soft drug, you don’t have to worry about owning or buying weed in Amsterdam.

Madrid, Spain

If you want a unique weed experience, try visiting Madrid. You can explore your love for weed at social clubs instead of cafes or coffee shops. Be sure to check if you need a membership card to access these clubs. You can even purchase weed from there. Cities such as Barcelona and Madrid have more than 200 of these clubs. You can easily enjoy weed within the premises after paying a membership fee.

If you love to travel and are a cannabis enthusiast, look out for some of the best and most popular travel destinations where weed is affordable and legal for planning your next holiday.

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