Travel Essential: How to Choose the Correct Luggage for Traveling

Randomly bought travel luggage can often cause trouble midway through your voyage. No one wants that! Here are some tips for your next trip!

Are you planning to travel as soon as the pandemic is behind us? After a year of putting life on hold due to the pandemic, when things are finally going back to normal, you must be desperate to pack your bags and interact with the world again!

No travel is complete without suitable travel luggage to pack your outfits and travel comforts. The right luggage can make a difference between having a pleasant traveling experience and an uncomfortable one.

However, choosing a piece of suitable luggage can be a challenge with so many options out there. Well, lucky for you, you have stumbled across this post that is all about luggage. Sit back and read on to find out how to pick the perfect luggage for your next trip.

#1. Types of Luggage You Need to Know

Depending upon your preferences, there are multiple luggage options available in the market. The most popular and convenient ones are the international carry-on suitcases. This hand luggage is ideal if you’re planning for a short trip and want to avoid the additional queues at the baggage carousel. A couple of outfits, a small bag of toiletries, and a pair of shoes can easily fit in these easy-to-carry handbags.

Then there are under-seat luggage, medium-sized check-in bags, domestic carry-ons, overnight bags, large checked bags, and more. The under-seat luggage is perfect for short business trips.  You can conveniently pack a set of clothes, your laptop, and even your essential toiletries in this luggage.

If you are going away to a sunny destination for a week, you could opt for the medium to large-sized checked-bag luggage options. The size of your luggage depends on what you choose to pack and the duration of your trip.

For some insight into the various options in the market, check out these luggage reviews online. So, make sure to do your homework and read the reviews before deciding.

#2. Be Careful About the Size and Weight

Probably the most critical aspect of your luggage is its size due to the strict size restrictions when flying. . Different airlines have different measurement limitations, but the standard height for international carry-on bags is 20 inches.

Usually, for carry-ons, the maximum permitted dimension ranges from 45 to 55 inches, depending on the country and airlines. You need to measure it by adding the length, the width, and the height together. Don’t miss out, including the wheels and handles.

In case you’re carrying large luggage like checked-bags, remember to keep the total weight of large bags below 50 pounds. This is important because exceeding baggage weight limits can result in hefty excess baggage fees that can go up to hundreds of dollars.

Some international flights can have a weight limit that is less than50 pounds. So, check your bag’s weight immediately before leaving for the airport, and don’t forget to cross-check with your airline company to avoid the hassle.

#3. Avoid ‘Standard’ Colors

Have you ever noticed the bags on carousel conveyors? If you look closely, most of the bags are either black or navy blue. Undoubtedly these are standard colors, but they come with a considerable disadvantage.  Standard colored bags are easy to lose and switch.

Therefore, we suggest you go for vibrant colors. Pick a bright pink, canary yellow, electric blue, tangerines, neon green, or any other hue that stands out. These colors might seem a bit loud, but that is the point. Loud, unique colored bags stand out in the carousel and make them easy for you to spot.

Light printed luggage is a cool option if you want to keep it lowkey and subdued. There are no hard and fast rules, so just explore your options. However, if those bold colors are not your thing, you can still pick the standard colored baggage and mark them with colorful markers like ribbons, charms, or large bright tags.

#4. Materials Can Make a Difference

While purchasing travel luggage, we often overlook the material. Maybe this isn’t a significant issue, but sometimes it creates a big difference in weight measurements.

Material wise, there are two types of luggage- the hard-sided and the soft-sided. Hard-sided luggage is long-lasting and sturdy but a little heavy. On the contrary, soft-sided luggage is light weighted but less secured. So, both types have pros and cons.

You can choose hard-sided bags if you’re carrying breakable items. However, many travelers prefer the soft-sided ones due to the light-weight nature of the material and the ability to pack more things in them.

Having said that, some fashionistas still find comfort in hard-sided shell bags made of polycarbonate. It’s light-weight, scratch-resistant, and serves all purposes.

#5. Should You Buy Expensive Luggage?

With price comes better quality, that’s for sure. Expensive travel bags can be durable and sturdy, but the vital question is if it’s worth the hefty investment. The answer totally depends on your preference.

You see, airlines are unpredictable. Even if you spend a lot of money on travel luggage, the airline baggage handlers will treat your pricey bag just like they treat the regular ones – which can be rough on the luggage.

So, instead of picking high-end brands, you can purchase affordable luggage that is still sturdy. Check out Walmart, Amazon, Costco, or Macy’s to find reasonably priced luggage options with lifetime guarantees.  A smaller price point will also give you the peace of mind that you can replace them easily even after the brutal handling by airlines.

However, if you’re a minimalist, spending your hard-earned money on a high-quality, durable carry-on suitcase will be a good idea.

#6. Keep Security in Mind

Sometimes luggage comes with attractive designer stuff but lacks the most important safety features. Make sure to spend your money on suitcases with internal and external locking systems.

Airport security is pretty strict when it comes to searching bags, and they have the authority to cut off the locks if required. So, even if the locks aren’t foolproof, they can provide security to an extent. A pro tip is to keep extra pairs of locks in case of emergencies so if TSA breaks the lock, your bag for any reason, you can easily reattach a new one.

Another option can be to secure your bag with colorful cable ties or zip ties. It can keep your bag safe and help you differentiate from other bags.

#7. What Not to Pack in Your Luggage

Valuables! Yes, these things are best to carry in your hand luggage if you want to protect them from theft. The safest option is to leave the valuables at home since most airlines don’t take responsibility for your valuables that you carry in your checked bags.

However, if you must carry expensive things like laptops, cash, jewelry, important documents, or other electronic gadgets, you should pack them in your carry-on. This will keep your valuables safe, and you’ll have less at risk in case of lost or stolen luggage.

Moreover, it’s important to label your valuables with your contact info, email address, or cell phone number so that the airport authority can trace it and send it back to you in case you lose your luggage.

To save yourself from the misery of losing your prized possessions, don’t forget to buy travel insurance. At least, you’ll receive some coverage if your luggage gets stolen.

#8. New Features to Watch Out For

Luggage companies are coming up with new ideas every year for their consumers. Some even add custom features keeping travelers’ preferences in mind. Piggyback strips, extra compartments, or laptop cases to strap the items securely are just a few new features these days.

One cool feature is probably the water-resistant pouches inside. You can easily store your toiletries in the pouches to prevent them from ruining your bag and clothes in case of accidental leakage.

Smart luggage these days includes battery packs which are excellent as you never know when your laptop or phone needs to be charged. Moreover, there is even luggage with built-in shelves! You can hook the luggage directly in the closet – eliminating the need to unpack!

So, if you are someone who likes a lot of new features, you are going to love shopping for luggage these days. If you have the budget for some add-ons, you should definitely make the best use of them. Make sure to do research before making any decision. A few features may have airport restrictions that you’d want to deal with.

Final Thoughts

When in doubt, always check reviews! This is the best suggestion we can provide for buying luggage. Don’t just spend your money on anything cheap. At-least look for a 3-4 year guarantee if not for a lifetime. It’s not every day that you buy luggage, right?

So, take your time, read the reviews online and purchase the best luggage that you feel can cater to your needs.

When choosing the best luggage for traveling, even minor factors like wheels, handles, and padlocks matter. If you follow our tips above and do some research on your own, traveling with your luggage across the world will be a cakewalk.  Bon Voyage!

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