Top Travel Tips for Empty Nesters

Once the kids have flown the nest, many couples decide it’s time to see what the world offers. It sounds like a dream, but it can be stressful if you haven’t prepared. Perhaps travel has been on the back burner while working, and school schedules have dominated your life, and you feel out of practice.

It’s time to get back into it.

When travelling, a healthy mix of organization and spontaneity is the trick. You want to check out travel tips from experienced adventurers on the best vacation spots or must-see scenic spots in your destination. However, too much planning will make your trip feel like a job and close off new experiences, and too little planning can spell disaster.

Here are some things to consider when planning your next adventure.

Research Thoroughly

By researching the place you want to visit, you can minimize things going wrong.

Make sure to:

– Find out about the season and events during the time of year at the place you want to visit. Fall may be beautiful somewhere but overcrowded with tourists. Check for the optimum time for weather, activities, and when crowds are less prevalent. Prices may be appealing at a particular time, but that is usually for a reason, so be sure to find out why!

– When looking for places to visit, including accommodation, try to look for photos and videos taken by tourists, not professional photographers. You’ll get a more realistic idea of the place.

– Read lots of reviews about an area and the accommodation in which you’re interested. You will find out quite quickly if a place is not suitable.

– Check in about things like stability of utilities in an area, especially if visiting third-world countries. A place may look picturesque but may have water and power shortages. This lack of resources could be very uncomfortable if you are not expecting it and could dampen your holiday.

What About Visas?

Make sure to check if you will need a visa for your trip, and if so, how long it takes to process the visa. While many people do this, preferably do not book your flights until your visas have arrived. Any hold up could become a costly and stressful situation.

If the visa situation looks too complicated, you’ll know about it and have the option to choose another place to visit.

Plan Some Activities Ahead of Time

Having a few things lined up can be fun and give you something to look forward to, and you can avoid disappointment if a particular activity gets booked up quickly. For example, you may want to visit a famous restaurant — decide on a day for that and book in advance!

Leave Room for Spontaneity

When planning your trip, don’t pack every day with activities. Leave room for days of late rising and wandering around in nature or around town, letting the place dictate you.

Often the spontaneous moments turn out to be the most memorable of your trip.

Don’t Forget to Pack

You also want to have some packing routines to simplify the journey. Here’s some advice:

– Pack most of your stuff in the evening before you leave.

– Keep electrical chargers and essential bits and pieces in your in hand luggage – even if driving.

– Bring extra camera memory disk and battery just in case.

– Keep items, such as a change of clothes, sunscreen and a sun hat, and rain jackets, easily accessible.

– Leave expensive and sentimental jewelry items safely at home.

Last Thoughts

Once you’ve checked these off your travel list, it’s time to let go and head out into the blue yonder.

Relax, enjoy, and make the most of these golden travel opportunities — you’ve earned it!

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