Top-Rated Attractions to Check Out in Toronto

Many countries worldwide have big and populous cities, but only some areas are as great and diverse as Toronto is. Toronto is home to the most dynamic mix of diverse tourist attractions, and each year people from all around the world decide to travel there. Everyone needs to see Toronto at least once in their life; that’s a fact.

Toronto has got you covered, from the diverse culture, lively entertainment, famous museums, and galleries to the nearby beautiful nature. Have no worries that you will miss the thriving art scene, energetic nightlife with amazing clubs in Toronto, or any other attraction, all is achievable once you get there, and you will know how to spend your time properly.

Although Toronto is easy to navigate, you’ll need a lot of time to see all the places that are worth visiting, but if you only have a couple of days, don’t worry; we got you covered. In this article, we’ll pay attention to top-rated attractions in Toronto that you will surely be able to check out in a couple of days staying in this extraordinary city.

Top-rated attractions to check out in Toronto are:

·       CN Tower

·       Niagara Falls

·       AGO – Art Gallery of Ontario

·       High Park

·       Toronto Islands

1.     CN Tower

The outstanding view from this 533-meter building is surely something special. If you like to see the panoramic view of Toronto, this is where you want to go. You can expect to see one of the best views in your life, so if this is what gives you chills, make sure not to miss out on checking out this place.

It is easy to spot the Tower from almost any part of the city, so you will not miss it by any chance. Once the tallest free-standing structure in the world, now the ninth, CN Tower is an admiring building that is amongst the first things everyone runs to check out.

The signature icon of the skyline of Toronto has many visitors and is always busy. Millions of people already saw this place, and many claims that this was one of the best experiences while staying in Toronto.

2.     Niagara Falls

Although Niagara Falls are not directly in the city, it is still not far from it. A short drive away and this incredible nature will leave you speechless. If you always wanted to see this beautiful nature, you can still discover Niagara Falls by planning a day trip from Toronto.

If you don’t want to drive yourself, you can always choose a more manageable way and book a tour to Niagara Falls that will take you close to the water. You can also see many key sites in the area, such as Niagara on the lake, the Floral Clock, and Whirlpool Rapids.

3.     AGO – Art Gallery of Ontario

There are many great museums in Toronto, but AGO is surely the best one you can ever visit. This great art museum is one of the largest in North America and holds more than 95 000 pieces. In addition, it holds an impressive amount of works from around the world and Canadian art.

The building itself is impressive and unique. It is beautiful to the eye, and everyone who sees it appreciates the mix of old and modern architecture. This museum has much to offer if you are into contemporary art, and you won’t get disappointed if this is on your travel bucket list.

4.     High Park

The city of Toronto has many parks, but not many are beautiful, and with huge green space and wonderful gardens, as High Park. This gorgeous place has something for everyone. The Park offers sporting facilities, cultural and educational facilities, gardens, lots of playgrounds, and a zoo.

What is nice to check out if you find yourself at this time of the year is an open-air theatre that a Canadian Stage Company organizes annually during July and August – for everyone who loves this type of art, the performance is “Shakespeare in High Park.”

5.     Toronto Islands

For those who love outdoor activities, an enjoyable trip to Toronto Islands will be one of the top choices. You can take lovely walks, take an opportunity to row, sail, swim, or some other outdoor activity.

During the summer, this area is a place where numerous open-air events take place. The ferry runs frequently and will take you to each of the main islands, and on the Centre Island, you can find one of the best amusement parks in Toronto.

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