Top Museums to Visit In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is known for many things, including the strong presence of the steel industry and a rebounding economy. The Steel City has been revitalized in recent years, becoming home to many quality entertainment options and other amenities. One thing’s for sure, if you happen to close on one of the Pittsburgh houses for sale and move into the area, then there won’t be a shortage of places for you to visit and see. One of the most interesting things about Pittsburgh is the abundance of museums located in the city. There are many great museums in Pittsburgh, all covering various topics of regional and national history. What are the best museums to visit in the Steel City, and what do they have to offer? Here are the top museums to visit in the Pittsburgh area.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

One of the best museums to visit while in the Steel City is the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The museum is extremely well known, being one of the most famous and well-recognized history museums in the country. Here you can see one of the largest dinosaur exhibits in America, as the museum displays actual fossils of the behemoths that ruled our planet. Although dinosaurs may be the main attraction, there also are other exhibits within the museum. These exhibits cover many topics, ranging from Native Americans, Ancient Egypt, and minerals and geology. Natural history is an absolutely fascinating topic to learn about, and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History is one of the best places in the country to take it all in.

Andy Warhol Museum

Art museums are relatively common, but you likely have never seen an art museum like this before. The Andy Warhol Museum is exactly what you might expect from the name, a museum that is entirely dedicated to the works of the great artist Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol was an extremely famous artist who was a pop culture icon during the 1900s. Warhol was key in popularizing the artistic movement known as pop-art, and was so famous that one of his paintings sold for over a hundred million dollars. The Andy Warhol Museum honors his life and legacy, being the biggest museum that is dedicated to a singular artist. The museum has many exhibits and paintings that Warhol completed throughout his life, making it the perfect monument to his work. If you want to learn about a Pittsburgh icon, you should absolutely check out the Andy Warhol Museum.

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

The best thing about museums is getting to learn about new topics. Due to this, museums are often common destinations for parents with children. Well, there’s no better children’s museum in Pittsburgh than the aptly named Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. The museum has many exhibits designed to help children learn and educate themselves. These exhibits cover a wide range of topics, and some are even hands-on and interactive. If you’re looking for a family-friendly trip that is highly educational, then a visit to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is the perfect option.

Bicycle Heaven

An extremely unique museum in the Pittsburgh area is Bicycle Heaven. The museum more than lives up to its name, being a museum that is entirely dedicated to bicycles. In fact, Bicycle Heaven is the largest transportation museum in the world that is dedicated to bicycles. The museum has thousands of bicycles on display, including some used during famous movie or television scenes. The museum is completely free to enter, thanks to its partnership with many local prop agents. It’s absolutely fascinating to see such a unique and unusual collection of items, so you definitely should give Bicycle Heaven a look if you find yourself in the Steel City.

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