Top 9 Things To Do In Koh Rong Samloem

Are you looking for the ideal holiday destination? If so, one of the first places you need to consider is Koh Rong Samloem, the perfect place to escape the busy and frantic city life. Little is known about this beautiful island, so it still retains its natural and unspoiled aura that other popular tourist destinations in Thailand have lost.

In this detailed review by, here are the top activities you should consider when visiting Koh Rong Samloem.

1. Kayaking

If you’re a kayaking enthusiast, Koh Rong is the ideal tourist spot and probably the best place to enjoy this activity. The best thing about kayaking in this location is that you don’t have to strain yourself while exploring the numerous waterways. As you kayak, you can also tour several areas, including the cave waterfall, fish village, and the rocky island.

2. Zip Line Through The Jungle

There’s no better way of bringing out your inner animal spirit that enjoys speed, heights, and climbing around the jungle while securely fastened to a zip line. You’ll be under the guidance of experienced guides the entire time you are sliding, swinging, and climbing through the artistically designed course. Although this experience is relatively intense and you’ll undoubtedly freak out, but surely have immense fun while enjoying the adrenaline rush. If you’re still fearful, the experienced guides will reassure you of your safety, thereby increasing your confidence.

3. Snorkeling

The waters around Koh Rong Samloem Island are crystal-clear, and this is an excellent destination if you love exploring the underwater life. Some of the best locations to snorkel include the beach found on M’phey Bei Village southern end, Koh Koun, Saracen Bay, and the Iisland’s western sides. There are daily boat trips for snorkeling enthusiasts, and you’ll be charged USD$5 to rent the snorkeling gear. You can also choose to explore this island either in an organized boat trip or independently; to find excellent fish hiding spots and to see the fascinating underwater life.

4. Watch the Sunset

The main goal of visiting Koh Rong is to enjoy the peace and tranquility it offers. One of the activities you should do while relaxing and enjoying your favorite cocktail is watching the sunset. There are numerous ideal spots where you can go either on the island’s northern or west side, including Sunset Beach, Lazy Beach, and M’Pay Bay.

5. Hiking

If you want to explore something else other than the magnificent beaches, hiking through the island is a great alternative. One of the best hiking routes is the steep climb between Koh Toch and Long Beach, where there are several gorgeous views. However, it’d be best if you started this journey early morning because later in the day, it gets too hot, and this might ruin the fun altogether. Upon finishing your hike, you can decide to take a long-tail boat heading to town or walk back if you still have the energy.

6. Relaxing On the Beach

Resting along the beach with an extended strip of white sand spotted with beach beds and swings is one intriguing experience. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait any longer to get your chair and enjoy this moment along the beach. You can also choose to walk on the flat ocean and enjoy how the water feels to your feet.

The beach resorts in this island charge USD $9 per night, and whereas there’s no infinity pool or strawberry daiquiris, the accommodation is still incredible.

7. Biking

The Koh Rong island is relatively small, and there’s no better way of touring the entire island to capture its magnificent beauty than on a bike. With this island boasting remarkable nature, you shouldn’t let go of this opportunity to bike through the extraordinary jungle paths and foliage. You can also head to Saracen Bay to discover the other regions along the main strip with beach huts.

8. Take a Boat Trip

If you wish to explore the island life in Koh Rong, going on a boat trip on the Adventure Adan Boat, while enjoying some drinks and seeing magnificent views is the way forward. While taking this extended excursion, you also get to pass through sandy beaches and excellent snorkeling points. Furthermore, you’re given the opportunity to the villages and interact with the locals and buy any homemade treat and snacks that charm you.

9. Volunteer Work

Even though you’re on a holiday, it’s always important to give back to society. One way you can do this, while on this island is to get in touch with the Friends of Koh Rong Samloem. Consequently, you’ll be linked up with local businesses looking for persons with your set of skills. You can also opt to volunteer on jobs that are somewhat low key, such as working at a local hotel.


Koh Rong is a superb touring destination that should be considered, if you wish to have a captivating and memorable holiday experience. Should you decide to visit this island, mentioned above are the most exciting activities to do.

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