Top 8 Must-have Mobile Apps When Travelling to the UK

Planning a hassle-free trip is a challenging task without proper help. While travelling to a new place, like the UK, it is common to face different problems. But not anymore, as now you can easily make your trip to the UK hassle-free by using some useful mobile apps that we have listed below. Whether you want to make a travel plan or are looking for a perfect hotel in the UK, you will find different apps that will solve your issues. So, read on and explore those apps. 

Useful Apps to Use in The UK


In the UK, if you are not using local networks, you may not enjoy a stable network. Besides, you may not find Wi-Fi at every place you visit. As a result, using maps online will become challenging for you. To tackle such an issue, you can trust the Maps.Me app. This is a popular navigation app that works offline. You can download various offline-optimized maps related to the UK for free. The maps can show you the best routes for various transportation types, like walking, four-wheelers or two-wheelers. 


Airbnb is becoming popular as a trusted community among travellers. With this app, it will be much easier for you to locate unique places, save more money on your staying and meet new people. Whether you need a cozy room or, a modern cabin or a paying guest or co-living facility in the UK, this app will suggest some of the best options under your budget. It is free to download and use.


Want to book a ride, but your cab-booking app is now working. What to do now? Well, there are multiple cab services available in the UK that you can rent at cheaper prices. All you need to do is use the Waze app. This app is designed to fetch information on rented cars for you and can offer real-time information about diversions, closed roads, heavy traffic and more. We can say that Waze is like a social media forum for you as well as cab drivers. 


Due to stress and excitement related to travelling, you may miss out on some important items you need to pack. To avoid such issues, you can use Packpoint. This app has advanced algorithms that can generate a complete packing list automatically just by considering the details entered. The best thing is that it can suggest your packing ideas based on weather PayByPhone Parking

We must say that both visitors and locals love to use the PayByPhone Parking app. The reason behind this is it lets them find parking places within a few seconds. Whether you are searching for parking garages, secure parking or street parking points, this app will show you all. On the other hand, you can also make the payment using the app, PayByPhone is a very popular payment in phone casinos in the UK too. So, there is no need to worry about spare change. The app also gives you notifications about when your parking will expire, and you can extend the duration from the app while exploring places in the new city. To use this app, you don’t have to create an account, and it is free. Travellers can use the PayByPhone Parking app in different locations like Halifax, Calgary, Quebec, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal and more.


Well, Lime here doesn’t mean a fruit. It is a top-rated shared electric vehicle service provider in the world. With its user-friendly design, you can easily book a scooter to explore the city. Download the app, locate a scooter near your location, scan the QR code and you are ready to go. You will find it much more affordable than other options available. If you think cheap thrills are challenging to find, then go on and give this app a try. Anyone can use these scooters as they are lightweight. 


This app is designed to help you in comparing hotels, car hire costs, and flights across all travel booking websites. Here, you can easily filter the results and choose the right flights or hotels in the UK based on your budget. It is 100 percent legit to use, and you will book tickets and hotels with reliable travel partners curated and verified by Skyscanner. The flight price, as well as seat info displayed in the app, are 100 percent accurate. 

Apple Pay 

If you want to make your payment process hassle-free while in the UK, then using the Apple Pay app can be an ideal option for you. Using this app, you can easily make contactless a secure payments in apps, online, stores and more. It is also much safer and quicker than using a debit or credit card.  

Final Words

Visiting a place like the UK, where the language used is divergent, can be a little challenging for some travellers, especially first-time visitors. However, the above-mentioned mobile apps can be your reliable guide in disguise. So, download all these apps, pack your travel bags and get ready to explore the natural beauty, beautiful cities and diverse cultures in the UK.

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