Top 6 Biking Trails in California

California is undoubtedly a lovely and beautiful state with tons of great man-made and natural attractions. If you love biking, this state offers you a load of biking trails that will keep you thrilled for a long time.

Do you have a mountain bike? If yes, here are the top 6 biking trails in California that you should try out.

1. Ojai Valley Trail

For people that are passionate about biking, Ojai Valley Trail is a great choice. Covering a total of 9.5 miles, this trail gives you a great view of Ojai Valley and the surrounding area. As you ride a mountain bike, you should catch the sight of San Antonio Creek, the nearby bridge, and other scenic attractions around the place.

2. Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail

This trail is perhaps the most beautiful biking trail in the whole state. It presents you with the amazing sights of upland forests, the Sierra and Cascade mountain ranges, as well as rugged canyons that are spread across the location. Overall, Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail covers over 25 miles; hence, it has enough for you to sweat it out as you continue biking.

3. Richmond Greenway

Richmond Greenway is one of the shortest biking trails in California as its length is only three miles. However, it compensates for this with the support local community that gives you a sense of safety and security as you bike on the trail. It comprises an open space that is filled with a wide range of recreational and attainment options that you will love.

4. Bayshore Bikeway

Extending across a total area of 17 miles, Bayshore Bikeway is filled with exceptional views of the downtown area, palm trees, and lots more. If you are looking for a bikeway that you can share with your friends and family, Bayshore Bikeway is a good option you should consider. Before leaving this trail, take the time to visit the parks, cafes, play areas, and other breathtaking places found around the trail.

5. Iron Horse Regional Trail

Featuring a trail of more than 24 miles, Iron Horse Regional Trail connects 12 different cities. Apart from the cities, this eye-catching trail serves as a great connection to several shopping districts, schools, homes, parks, public transportation modes, and lots more. There is an urban rail close to this trail, so you are likely going to see a couple of people during the biking exercises.

6. Modoc Line

Modoc Line is an 86-mile trail that runs through the northeastern part of California. Although this trail is excellent, it is quite isolated and filled with tough surfaces. Unlike other trails, Modoc Line doesn’t have homes or other places around it. So, you may not be able to socialize as you continue biking with a mountain bike. However, it has tons of ranch land, beautiful landscapes, open skies, etc. that can make the biking exercise enjoyable.

Other notable mentions that you can check out include El Dorado Trail, Sacramento River Rail-Trail, Monterey Bay Coastal Trail, Pacific Electric Inland Empire Trail, and Truckee River Bike Trail.

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