Top 5 Hidden Tourist Attractions in Orlando

Orlando is home to several fascinating tourist sites that attract more than 65 million visitors annually. While every tourist wishes to spend their days visiting the enchanting Walt Disney World Resort and getting that adrenaline rush at the thrilling rides of Universal Orlando Resort or simply enjoying the mesmerizing wonders at SeaWorld Orlando, there is so much more than that to explore within this “Theme Park Capital of the World” that is Orlando.

If you avoid public, you are most likely to avoid the busiest places in the city, which are the amusement parks and resorts. For all such visitors who would love to explore the more peaceful destinations, we have compiled a list of the top hidden gems of Orlando that you must visit.

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Continue reading to learn about the hidden gems of Orlando, which are as follows.

1. Shingle Creek

Florida is famous for the endless kayaking opportunities available here. Shingle Creek is one of the hidden gems where tourists can enjoy kayaking with the most breathtaking scenery in the background. Enchanting forests and mesmerizing wildlife surround this place, so all nature lovers are bound to have an exciting experience here. Due to its off-the-beaten-path, the calm and peaceful vibes here provide a heavenly environment for its visitors.

Traveling to this place is also easy since it is about 20 minutes from Walt Disney World. You could conveniently rent vehicles to travel to this spot and have a serenity-filled day. We advise renting a vehicle instead of taking an Uber since it would be more cost-efficient. This city has several online sites where you can rent luxury cars in Orlando, FL, at affordable prices of about $27/day. You will save on the cost and have a fulfilling day at Shingle Creek!

You can also sign up for a guided tour of this gem of a place, or if you also have an adventurous side of your personality to satisfy, you can rent canoes and paddleboards here to stay active on the site and still enjoy the enchanting scenery.

2. Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve

Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve is on the shores of Lake Tibet-Butler in Orlando, FL and is another of the city’s top hidden tourist attractions. It is a 440-acre preserve where visitors can unwind and have an unforgettable experience exploring the hiking trails and nature center all day.

The preserve consists of well-maintained hiking trails that cross through pine flatwoods, oak hammocks, and marshes. If you are a wildlife spotting and bird-watching fan, you are in for a treat at this place. The trails are also filled with lilies and berries. You can have nature walks here and inhale the crisp, fresh air that will make you feel heavenly.

The preserve also features a nature center called The Vera Carter Environmental Center, where you can find educational displays and information on the local flora and fauna. In addition to that, the Butterfly Garden at this destination will make your heart flutter. Filled with over a dozen butterfly species, Vera Carter Environmental Center is an ideal spot for photographers. The vibrant energy of this place will leave you with a colorful memory for years to come.

This spot, like Shingle Creek, is a few minutes away from Walt Disney, and the directions are quite easy to follow so conveyance will be easy too. Visit this beautiful place and get ready to have a good time!

3. Lake Fairview Sunset Sailing Tour

If you are someone obsessed with sunsets, this would be the perfect spot for you! For all those tourists who truly value sunsets, Lake Fairview’s Sunset Sailing Tour will serve as an unforgettable experience. Lake Fairview is a picturesque lake in Orlando, and you can get a chance to admire the stunning sunset reflected in the lake if you sign up for the sailing tour – which you must because this is not something you would want to miss!

You will enjoy the astonishing skyline view while sailing with the best crew across the town and participate in a sailing lesson from an experienced sailing instructor.

You simply cannot miss boarding a 25ft sloop-rigged MacGregor sailboat and experiencing one of the greatest things Orlando has to offer – its sunsets.

4. Alaska Farms

Alaska Farms is a family-owned and locally operated farm in Orlando spread across 9 acres. You must visit this farm when in Orlando to have the most entertaining day of your trip. The farm offers an opportunity to all its visitors to spend quality time with mini goats and other beautiful creatures such as pet cows, donkeys, horses, and emus! Any animal lover will certainly have a peek into paradise as soon as they step onto the farm.

Also, on this beautiful property, you can have a Goat Yoga Day to unwind and relax, forgetting all the worries in your life. The place also has a gorgeous horse stable that you can visit for a memorable day with the horses. Visit the site for more information about this wholesome place that will make your heart swell with love and warmth, surrounded by such tender creatures.

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5. Orlando Museum of Art (OMA)

OMA is a cultural institution in Orlando, FL, and this would be the ideal spot for all the art and culture enthusiasts visiting Orlando. This Museum, as its name suggests, is dedicated to displaying a variety of visual arts. You will find a wide array of art collections here from varying periods of time and styles. These collections include paintings, photographs, and sculptures. There are occasionally temporary exhibitions here as well, and if you are there just in time for one, it will be an exciting day for you with all the artworks from around the globe! The exhibitions mostly cover several themes by several artists, which would be a tremendous treat for all art lovers!

There are also guided tours that are extremely educational, so if you end up signing up for one, you will be taking home a plethora of exciting information regarding arts and culture. And if you do manage to be there just in time for a live performance or film screening, you must experience it because it would be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience for sure! Whether you are an art enthusiast, a curious visitor or in search of inspiration, the artworks here at OMA are bound to leave a mark on your heart.


Orlando, FL, is not short of hidden gems and spots for a visit, and you must ensure you wander around the city and explore more than just the amusement parks it has to offer because there is a lot more to Orlando than Disney or SeaWorld. We hope our list helps you shortlist the hidden destinations that interest you, and we hope you take our advice of renting vehicles for your days on the streets of Orlando than spending hefty amounts on Uber and cabs every day. So, buckle up and get ready to have your mind blown by the mesmerizing sites Orlando offers.

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