Top 5 Automated Gate Maintenance Tips

Automated gates are a preferred option for many home and property owners. One of the reasons for this is the improved security that the gates have to offer. Unlike traditional gates, automatic gates open and close automatically at the touch of a button or with the help of a sensor. One thus doesn’t have to get off their car/vehicle to open the gate, further improving their security and safety. While installing an automated gate will help improve privacy and aesthetics, the gate must be kept in the best condition possible through regular servicing and maintenance. Below are the top 5 ways to ensure your gate remains in good shape.

1. Keep The Gates Clean

As cliché as it may sound, it is common for electric gates to collect dust and rust due to neglect. Leaving your gate at the mercy of rust, dirt, and grime directly impacts its structural integrity, performance, and durability, a reason they ought to be kept clean. A simple hose wash and clearing the tracks is all one needs to do monthly to keep the gate clean. Cleaning the gate will also reduce/prevent the progression of rust.

2. Wax The Gates Regularly

Waxing your electric gates regularly helps preserve the gate’s aesthetics and appeal and prevents flaking. Experts recommend waxing automated gates once every other month, depending on the weather. Consult your gate installation company about the best wax for your gate.

3. Lubricate Movable Parts

Hinges and wheels must be lubricated regularly to reduce friction and ensure the smooth running of the gate. The movable parts are commonly exposed to various elements, hence ought to be lubricated accordingly. This will also reduce strain on the motor, allowing the gate to open and close as required.

4. Inspect Electrical Components Regularly

Automated gates have a circuit board and other electrical parts that should also be well maintained. They need to be protected from harsh weather elements, insects, and anything else that might damage it. Make an effort to inspect these components and ensure insects don’t nest in them.

5. Schedule An Annual Maintenance Check And Servicing

In addition to keeping the track clean, lubricating hinges and wheels, and inspecting electrical components, the gate will still need to be checked and serviced by a qualified technician annually. The technician will diagnose the gate for possible faults and fix any of the issues it might have. This ensures the gate remains functional and doesn’t malfunction for many more years.

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