Top 3 Exotic Islands in the World – Recommendations

The best exotic islands in the world are mostly located in the Indian Ocean. They attract visitors with ideal weather conditions and heavenly landscapes in the style of “white sandy beach with palm trees by the turquoise lagoon.” An expert in booking exotic islands – will help you choose the most popular ones. The main office of the site is located in Geneva. Company managers work online from different parts of the world, including the Maldives. Actually, the selection of the most popular islands for recreation begins with this country.


The Maldives is one of the three most famous islands in the world. This is a real paradise for lovers of beach holidays and relaxation. The resort is loved by world celebrities – from politicians to movie and music stars.

Location: Indian Ocean, about 700 km from Sri Lanka.

For whom: the Maldives is chosen by those who are looking for a lazy vacation on the beach, chic snorkeling and diving, spa services, first-class service, seafood cuisine, various water activities, etc. Holidays on the islands are expensive, especially when it comes to resorts, and budget tourists stay in guesthouses on local islands.

When is the best time to visit: the period from late December to early April is considered ideal, when there is calm and the water is as clear as possible. The rest of the time in the Maldives is the rainy season. However, the temperature of air and water remains the same all year round +28…+32 degrees Celsius. Many come to the Maldives during the summer months to cheapen their holidays by turning a blind eye to short, warm showers.

Islands features:

    • There are over 1,000 islands in the Maldives and the “One Island, One Hotel” rule applies. An average resort island measures 300m by 400m. There are even smaller islands, some resorts reach a maximum length of just over a kilometer. The distance between the islands can take from 10 minutes by boat to several hours by seaplane. There are about several hundred developed resort islands.

    • The bulk of tourists arrive in the capital Male, and from there they go to their resort island by speedboat, seaplane or domestic airliner.

    • One of the most famous reasons to visit the Maldives is snorkeling in the lagoons of the islands. The underwater world here cannot be compared with anything in beauty.

    • In addition to resort islands, there are local islands in the Maldives where the local population lives. Holidays on such islands are chosen by budget tourists and stay in guesthouses or mini-hotels.

    • The Maldives has a strict ban on alcohol. It can only be found on private resort islands – there is a wide selection of world brands for tourists.

    • The islands of the Maldives are flat, there are absolutely no mountains, not even hills. Each island is surrounded by a lagoon, which is usually followed by a coral reef and then the ocean.


Another paradise island is the Seychelles. Just like the Maldives, the islands are known for their sandy beaches and turquoise clear water. However, the Seychelles is a place where you can combine a beach holiday with snorkeling and exploring incredibly beautiful nature.

Where are: in the Indian Ocean, south of the equator, closer to the eastern side of the African continent. On the southwestern side of the Seychelles, the island of Madagascar is relatively close.

For whom: for those who love a lazy vacation on the beach combined with activities, excursions, hiking and excellent snorkeling. Rest in the Seychelles is expensive, but there are budget options.

Best time to visit: April to October are the best times to visit the Seychelles. The rest of the time the winds blow and it rains. However, vacation prices are lower, and the air temperature does not fall below 24 degrees Celsius all year round.

Islands features:

    • The Seychelles unite more than 100 islands, the largest and main of which is the island of Mahe. Around the main group of islands, along with Mahe, are flat coral islands, as a rule, uninhabited.

    • The Seychelles are hilly with rocky ledges on the sandy shore and lush vegetation.

    • The underwater world of the Seychelles is amazingly beautiful. The islands are famous for their beautiful diving and snorkeling.

    • Get to the Seychelles by plane to the capital Victoria on the island of Mahe. Then stop on the main island or go to neighboring ones by ferry, boat, plane or helicopter.

    • The Seychelles is home to giant tortoises. Many tourists fly to the Seychelles to see them.

    • Many Seychelles resorts, like in the Maldives , use the One Island, One Hotel rule. There are also luxury hotels on large islands, for example, Mahe, Praslin, La Dig, Silhouette.


The island of Bali is on everyone’s lips thanks to numerous books and films. It is really incredibly beautiful – worth a visit. The local landscapes will not be repeated anywhere else.

Location: Indonesia. Bali is part of the Malay Archipelago, stretching from Singapore and south to Papua New Guinea. From the north, Bali is washed by the Pacific Ocean, from the south by the Indian Ocean.

Who it’s for: Indiana Jones style adventurers. The places in Bali are mysterious and really exotic, especially for a European or an American. You can enjoy plenty of beach holidays, underwater beauties, natural landscapes. In addition, the island is interesting for those who practice yoga and meditation.

When to visit: all year round, depending on what kind of vacation you prefer.

Islands features:

    • The area of the island is more than 5000 square kilometers. A mountain range with volcanic activity stretches from west to east on the island. Thanks to this, lush vegetation grows on the island, there are incredible mountain landscapes and unique animals.

    • Bali is an island of contrasts. Here you can meet very wealthy tourists staying in premium hotels; in the same way, here you will meet budget tourists who are content with a hostel or guest house.

    • The most popular is the south coast, where most of the hotels and other types of housing are concentrated.

    • Bali to relax souls. Numerous yoga studios, meditation centers are open to visitors. The spiritual center is the city of Ubud.

    • There are many religions mixed on the island. Do not be surprised if you see a nearby mosque, a Catholic temple and a Buddhist shrine.

    • Get to Bali by plane, and then by local transport – from taxis to city buses.

    • The number of natural parks and gardens in Bali is simply huge. From monkey forest and reptile park to Sumatran elephant park and water palaces.

All the islands listed here are full of a variety of housing. Visit and choose your favorite hotel, villa, guesthouse or apartment. Managers in the online chat will be happy to answer all your questions about the rest and help you book a hotel.

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