Top 10 Travel Trends to Watch For in 2019

We’re living in an era where everything is dependent on technology and automation; be it your home appliances, communication devices, politics or travel. From the mysterious enchantment of dark tourism to the more unconventional locations of Russia and Madagascar, we’ll have a look at some of the most happening travel trends for the current year – 2019:

1. The Micro Trip Experience

2019 is said to be the year of ‘bite-sized’ travel [1]. Why? Because travelers are interested in more curated journeys and micro trips than ever before. Luckily, the emergence of latest travel-driven technologies have made it possible for the travelers to have better flight routes, accommodation and car rental options. The trend to stay in exquisite and unique types of hotels and motels is also on the rise. So, if you haven’t travelled with a caravan yet, it’s time now to get those bookings as soon as possible.

2. Dark Tourism

While dark tourism is not a new concept, this trend seems to be progressing in 2019. The opportunity to visit historic places let travelers submerse themselves in the past and acknowledge the significance of unfortunate past events.

3. Conscious Travel

Unlike in the past when the only purpose to travel was to have some quality time or attend a business meeting, the present-day traveling is more purposeful and goal-oriented [2]. Conscious traveling must not be a new phenomenon for you especially if you’re a keen traveler. With everything from basic human rights to gender equality and better working environment, people are more focused and purposeful about their travel destinations.

4. Solo Travel

Back in the 90’s, the concept of group traveling was quite popular. But, 2019 is all about solo travel. Travelers today are more informed and knowledgeable than ever before. To get the most out of their traveling experience, they prefer going solo in order to better explore their favorite destinations. Solo travel is a great way to enjoy your personal space which obviously isn’t possible when you travel with family or friends. Also, the experience helps you grow as a person, meaning you can feel more confident, self-assured and disciplined.

5. AI-Driven Holidays

As mentioned above, the role of AI, VR and speech recognition is prevalent in almost all the major fields and traveling is definitely not an exception. These technological innovations are expected to gradually takeover the traveling sphere and simplify the holiday approaches in 2019.

Keyless rooms that can be operated with your cellphones and robotic concierge are things that will make traveling super fun and interesting for the passionate travelers.

Not only the impact of these innovations will revolutionize the way we handle or track our luggage but we can use a single app to administer our entire trip.

6. Travelers are More Interested in Unexplored Regions

Planning a vacation? How about Dubai, Mauritius, Switzerland or Paris? Sounds mainstream, right? Traveling is a great learning experience and there is nothing worse if you fail to consider it as an opportunity to grow. This is why travelers these days are interested in exploring uncommon and eccentric places. Eastern Europe is the one region that has gained immense popularity in the last few years. Also, there are many exotic and uncharted places in Russia and Ukraine which are true gems to explore.

7. Curated Travel Experience

Today, travelers value experiences higher than any physical belongings. This is certainly the biggest reason why present-day travelers are more focused towards comfort and happiness rather than tangible, momentary opportunities.

8. Self-Guided, Slow Travel

Traveling is a great opportunity to explore yourself. It’s a chance to slow down your routine things and analyze things from the different perspective. Self-guided, slow travel gives travelers an independence to fix their own pace. Looking to spend a few hours under that waterfall? Sure, take your time and enjoy to the fullest.

9. Travel Light

There is nothing more delightful than carrying your backpack [3] and starting your journey without worrying about excessive baggage at the airport.  Luckily, this trend is also gaining momentum unlike earlier when we tend to pack our entire closet for a 7-Day journey. To have the most stress-free travel journey, make sure to take only the stuff that you need.

10. Trips with a Purpose

As discussed earlier, conscious traveling is one of the hottest subjects in 2019. Apart from general purposeful traveling, students are also taking interest in practical training and demonstrations instead of learning things in a restrained classroom environment. Such study tours are a great way to enlighten Gen Z approaches towards how they can practically apply things in the real-world environment.

There you have it. These latest travel trends are changing the way we used to see traveling way back then. Feel free to add anything else you would like to see in this list. Also tell us about your plans for your upcoming holidays. We would love to hear back…

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