Top 10 Fields of Study to Buy Cheap Essay Samples: Enjoy

There are many fields of study, some fields of study are more difficult to get into than others. Not all fields of study are the same, in terms of how easy (or even worthwhile they are). Some fields of study are more sought after than other fields of study, because of their desirability as a career.

Other fields of study will be chosen by students for their simplicity. Students will choose simplicity in a course to give them an easier student life, and a simple life. Just because you are studying for a career, doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a long and difficult road.

We are going to look at the top ten most difficult fields of study that you can choose:

1. Physics

Physics is a mixture of science and math, which makes it the most difficult subject to understand and study.

2. Math

No surprise, math is second. Over 80% of Harvard students found this subject to be difficult.

Social science is a mixture of subjects, including history and politics. The variation of the subjects, makes this one a difficult subject, as it is several subjects that you are studying as one degree.

4. Computer Science

Computer science requires you to be intelligent about both maths, and technology. Which means it is a difficult degree to obtain.

5. Philosophy

Philosophy requires a lot of reading, critique and sound argumentation. It also requires you to be intelligent about logic – which involves math.

6. Politics

This requires you to learn both a mixture of philosophy and politics. This subject might sound easy, however, it requires a lot of time and reading.

7. Economics

A mixture of learning about money, society and how societies function – economics is a tough one – but is a rewarding career if persuade.

8. Chemistry

Another tough subject, which is essential for science-based careers. You will need to be clever about math and science to obtain this one!

9. Latin

Latin is an ancient language which is difficult to obtain. But rewarding if you study things like medieval history.

10. History

History is a massive subject, which requires a lot of reading and researching. It’s a difficult degree to get.

Why are these subjects difficult?

These subjects are difficult for different reasons. One of the main reasons for these subjects being difficult is that they are difficult to understand. This is particularly true of subjects including maths and science.

They also require you to demonstrate that you do understand them. It will show whether you just recite information, or if you actually understand it. The difficulty is in understanding the material, not just memorizing it.

Finally, these subjects also require you to learn how to communicate your point effectively. Or, argue your point effectively. This is especially true for the humanities subjects, and the social sciences subjects.


Another thing which can make these subjects difficult is finding the right sources and the right books for your study.

Just researching things alone can be a job all in itself. There is a lot of research involved in these subjects, which you have to do before you even get to the essays and exams. This means you are spending a lot of time, effort, and most likely stress, just on researching information.

It doesn’t have to be difficult though, you can make your life simple. Use your course reading list as a guide to what you should be reading and researching. Also, you can the internet to find out information.

Save time by following the instructions you are given. Some students make student life more difficult for them than it needs to be. By thinking that they need to read and research everything. You don’t, study smart.

Reduce stress by taking time out in between study, and setting yourself goals. Set yourself goals for your reading and researching.

Finally, get expert help – buy essay for cheap from a writing company. Learn from expert writers, get their advice. Get advice from people who have studied the subject and a student counselor. All of these things can make your life much easier, and your studies much easier.

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