Top 05 Reverse Image Search Tools For Photographers

How many pictures are on the internet? It’s not possible to mention for sure by 2010, Google had indexed over 10 billion pictures.

Nearly 10 years later with a lot of new additions every day, no one knows the exact number.
Search engines like Google and Bing use programs called spiders, crawlers, and robots to polish the net sorting out publicly accessible content to index, together with pictures.

Using a complicated set of algorithms, reverse image search engines like Google, Bing, Tin Eye, and Badu, determine photos distinctive options like colors, lines, and textures to create a difference between images that looks similar.

Reasons to use a reverse image search

Some of the following are the reasons to use a reverse image search tool.

Where on the internet the photo is being used and find usage

If you are a photographer or a content creator, your first priority is to create good content but if your pictures and content are misused or unauthorized copies have been made and I know this will disappoint you.

What will you do? How you will get to know where your images are being used? All of these questions have one answer which is reverse image search.

You don’t have to worry about anything just put your image and you’ll get the results in seconds.

Find the original source of the image

If you came across an image that you want to know the original source. This tool will attach the original source link in the results.

More information about an image

Sometimes you find an image with no context, reverse image search is the best option to find other webpages which include the information about the image.

If you are a travel photographer, you would have noticed beautiful photos on Facebook or Reddit with no additional information. You can use a reverse image search tool to get more information.

More resolutions copies

If you have found an image you really like and you want to use it. But the copy you got is too small and you want some other resolution of the image. You can use a reverse image tool and find the ideal resolution of the image you want.

Working of Reverse image search

A most common question, how reverse image search tool works?

Specifically, this tool is designed to find desired images. This tool searches through many search engines in real-time and find similar images.

First of all, the user uploads the image URL or as a form of.JPEG or any kind of format related. Then the server automatically shows all similar images with different resolutions and that’s it.

This tool is easily available on the net. The thing is that there are a lot of scams and dodgy persons who want to use your data for their benefit without your permission.

Best tools for reverse image search

Here are some sites you can use for reverse image search.

1. Prepostseo
2. Softo
3. Google
4. Depositphotos
5. net
6. Bulk DA PA Checker Tool

Prepostseo Image Search

Mostly, people, those are using reverse image search tool often have to subscribe to premium accounts on applications and websites.

This website is totally user-friendly, free and can be used multiple times as per wish of the user.

Ways to use it

Upload your files in JPEG, PNG and GIF extensions
Upload your file directly to the server

First, select a method then upload the file to the server, it will upload the files and then you will get your desired results.

You don’t have to download anything to use this tool on this website, you don’t have to pay anything to anyone. It is quick and convenient as compared to other sites.


Softo is one of the top websites used worldwide.

It is quite similar to Prepostseo according to this tool but it shows a lot more detailed results.

Softo never restricts people who want to know the original source of the image. If you are a photographer or content creator this tool will tell you the where and who is using your pictures.

If you see some image appearing on other links that you own. You can find and can take action against, you can take backlink from them or can even take a legal action against them.


Google is well known as a Search Engine. Google launched its reverse image search tool in July 2011.

Google was initially offering access to almost 250 million+ images.

But since the launch, the number has increased a lot and Google touts its reverse image search tool as the most “Wide-ranging image search one the web”.

Using Google’s reverse image search is easy. All you have to do is just right-click the image and search Google for images.

In a few seconds, you will be provided with different sizes, resolutions and a list of similar images that exist online (Google only).

Using this website is as easy as you like.

At the moment you open the website you’ll see a search option. Just type the keyword and here you go with the results.

It is easy as it seems to look like. You can also upload pictures just like Prepostseo, Google and softo.

It is one of the top-selling websites for the reverse image search tool. You can subscribe to the site and can have free trial and discounted prices as well. This website totally scams free and registered.

The best use of this website is that you see an image with low detail like on Face book or any other platform. You want to know further details of the image, after searching through this site you will get every minute detail available.

Another option for the user is to use searchenginereports (SER) for reverse image search. Image Search tool by SER is a picture recognition tool and icon computer program which mixes photo search technology, pc vision, and pattern recognition to deliver powerful results. It abuts a Google reverse image computer program.

The similar image finder employs a complicated algorithmic rule to instantly come to the best-matched pictures and elaborated info concerning the sample icon, pull from the databases of Google, Bing, and Yandex.

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