Tips For Those In The 50+ Stages Of Life

You’re Only Halfway There

Okay, there’s no real way to tell when your life’s half point is; but a combination of clean, safe living in sanitary conditions with those you love around you will very likely extend your life. It’s not without the realm of possibility to find yourself in your late nineties and still getting around. But if you’re going to get there, you’ve got to live strategically.

First, by now if you haven’t already begun to properly exercise and eat, you should—this is the best way to fully flourish at any age. Even if you’ve lived an unhealthy life up until this point, you’ve got hope. Just ten minutes of exercise a day for a few months can lead you to the point where it’s possible to double, triple, and quadruple your activity.

If you can keep at such a change for two or three years, you’ll likely see a cumulative transformation in physique and appearance which simultaneously enervates and enlivens you, even down to the cellular level. They say age is a state of mind. To a degree, that’s true.

Your DNA has things called telomeres at its ends. These telomeres basically keep everything in check—think of them like the tape at the end of a shoelace. Now stress will “fray” the “tape” of the telomeres, and then the “shoestring” of your DNA begins to unravel. But if you can reduce stress in your life, you can curtail this process—just like taking care of a nice pair of shoes extends their life.

Stress Reduction Considerations

A good way to reduce your stress is to find a living situation in a place where there are decreased quotients of natural negative stress. What would be an example of natural negative stress? Living in the middle of a high traffic area replete with crime. But if you’re in a safer area where you can get around as you need to, that difficulty goes away.

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Some like the hustle and bustle of the city, some like to get away from aspects of living in such a location which may induce stress. Thankfully, LA’s largeness is silhouetted in many living solutions for those who prefer apartments, and those who prefer homes. In Northridge, right at the edge of the mountains, are some fine apartments.

Living at Alder apartments in Northridge, CA lets you: “Experience what vibrant and beautiful living looks like. Alder is a collection of brand new Northridge apartment homes adorned with modern interiors, designer-selected finishes, and signature style. Throw in resort-style amenities and a central location near Reseda and Canoga Park, and you’ve got the perfect place to call home.”

Finding Passion

Once you’ve got your health and eating situation worked out, your living situation defined, and your mind in the right place, it’s time to add a final component to life enjoyment after fifty. You must find something that you’re passionate about. If you haven’t already, of course. If you have, continue to pursue that thing!

If you have not, then you want to find that core aspect of yourself that drives you on. It could be going to school again, it could be painting, writing, composing, dancing, traveling, exploring, hiking, walking—it could even be something as simple as reading. Find a passion and allow it to drive you forward.

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