Tips for Group Mountain Bike Rides

Group mountain biking is an amazing platform to discover new riders and learn a lot of new things related to biking. The touring companies specialize in organizing mountain biking in Phoenix, Arizona can provide guidance to the new or professional bikers interested in group mountain biking. Such touring guides offer a completely different experience and environment which is adventurous. A biker can discover their limits while riding with groups, plus they get to learn new skill sets. In this article, even though a road bike is the most common type of bike, we will discuss some tips for group mountain bike rides.

1. Be Prepared

The bikers should make sure that all the bikes are properly maintained, and the initial checkup has been done to avoid any mishaps. To get saved from any accident, bikers should tick off the following points:

    • The tire pressure in both tires should be checked.
    • Quick-release skewers should be properly checked by professionals if necessary.
    • Brakes should be tested
    • The chain should be lubricated
    • Gear shifting should be smooth and working properly.
    • All the bikers should be equipped with all the necessary tools including a puncture kit in case of an accident. Extra chains should also be carried in case the chain breaks.

2. Don’t Race

When in group riding, bikers should always make sure not to create a racing environment. As each biker has different qualities, some are fast riders while others are slow. So, every biker should respect the other bikers to have a good experience. When you are riding together as a group, it is all about experiencing everything together. If you more into racing, then group tours might not be the thing for you. You need to take the entire group together or else there is no point in riding in groups.

3. Maintain Space

Bikers should always maintain a certain space between the front biker so that if the front biker applies sudden brakes, the biker behind him will able to stop his bike and avoid any crashes. This healthy distance can also avoid cluster crashes; if another biker in front of you had a fall, you will be able to stop in time and let the ones behind you know of the mishap as well.

4. Stop and Learn

Group bike riding is an amazing way to learn new skill sets from riders who are professionally trained. If the bikers are not able to pass certain hard trails, they should stop and watch carefully how their co-riders are riding on those hard obstacles.

5. Track Ethics

Bikers should be well aware of trail ethics before get going to group riding. These etiquettes are as follows:

    • Trail closures should be respected.
    • Traces should be left.
    • Bikers should be able to control their bikes.
    • Appropriate yielding should be practiced.

6. Keep the Group Together

Bikers should keep their group together and should keep a watch on their folks during the trail. They should communicate healthily and if any rider gets hurt during the ride, they should give him full support. Group riding is all about the spirit of doing things together.

Meeting new people, having new adventures is the gist of group mountain biking. People from different backgrounds and regions come together for the love of riding bikes.

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