Thrilling Island Activities To Do While on Vacations in Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are known for the landscapes and wildlife that you cannot find anywhere else on the earth. It is a chain of 19 islands and some islets which were formed due to volcanic eruptions.

The Galapagos Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, about 600 miles away from Ecuador and remained untouched for centuries. It was in the 1800s when explorers and pirates started visiting there. And it was in 1835 when Charles Darwin spent 19 days studying the flora and fauna there, then introduced the group of islands to the world.

As far as the beauty and uniqueness of the Galapagos Islands are concerned, they will exceed your expectations when you will actually visit there. It is in the Galapagos Islands only that you will see the birds walking, lizards swimming and the humans will not take the center stage and these experiences are the ones that infatuate the viewers from all around the world to book their trip to the Galapagos Islands through voyager travel agency to make it a memorable one.

Why should you visit the Galapagos Islands?

The group of 10 islands is not less than a paradise where each island offers something unique and special. There are cactus forests, lava formations, turquoise bays, lush green highlands, tropical beaches and a lot more, that you can explore.

The best thing you will like here is overflowing wildlife that you can enjoy at every turn. Just within minutes after you land at this group of islands, you will be face-to-face with fearless animals you will find nowhere else on earth.

As there is a lot to explore in the Galapagos Islands, you must plan in advance the activities you will do there. Advance planning will help you spend your time better and have more fun. To help you get the best experience from your Galapagos Islands tour, we would like to recommend you the activities you must do there. So, here goes the list.

• Plan multi-day cruise

The best way of enjoying your time in Galapagos islands is spending a week on the boat. However, don’t worry if you can’t afford to spend a complete week; spend as many days you can and make the most of your time.

Cruises are available in different shapes and sizes; you can easily find the one meeting your requirements and budget. Choose the itineraries you want to visit and book a cruise accordingly.

• Go birdwatching

You will not need to make special efforts for spotting birds on Galapagos Islands. The fearless birds will not flick the eyes even when you click their pictures. And, you will just be amazed to see them nesting on the National Park pathways.

You will enjoy witnessing the courting and nesting rituals of flightless cormorants, penguins, frigates and all the three species of boobies. It would not be wrong to say that watching the birds building their nests is one of the highlights of the Galapagos trip. In the case you are visiting anytime between May to December, you would be able to see the nesting rituals of albatross.

• Try snorkelling

No matter which island you choose for snorkelling, you will be swimming alongside the Pacific sea turtles, sea lions, hammerhead sharks and colourful fish. Genovesa, Kicker Rock, Gordon Rocks and Isla Lobos are a highway for enjoying snorkelling. Discuss with your tour planner in advance to make sure that the equipment will be provided to you.

• Hiking

Hiking is a must-do activity for those who want to indulge in an active Galapagos adventure. The Galapagos Islands are a home to remarkable hiking excursions. If you want to hike within the national park, you would need the permit for that in order to ensure safety and minimize damage.

Some of the most thrilling hiking opportunities can be found in Santa Cruz, where the guests can enjoy roaming in the lush Scalesia forests and viewing a variety. Another famous hiking spot is Sierra Negra Volcano where you will enjoy a thrilling seven-mile hike while peering into the greatest volcanic calderas.

• Camping

As 97% of the landmass of Galapagos Islands lies within the national park boundaries, the opportunities for camping are just limited. But, still, there are a few options that would let you have a wonderful experience. You can gaze at the sky, can relax around the campfire and enjoy sleeping under the canvas.

You can get a unique camping experience at Wild Tortoise Camp, located in the highlands of Santa Cruz. It will remind you of the classic African safari. Sleeping in the raised walk-in tents or tree houses would be a great experience for you. And just imagine having your dinner served in an open area; you will definitely love that. Another spot where you can enjoy camping is the Galapagos Safari Camp.

There are a range of other activities, like cycling, kayaking, surfing, walking in the lava fields and more that you can enjoy if you have some spare time. However, don’t forget to pack all the essentials. When it comes to indulging in the above-mentioned activities, it’s up to you that whether you want to carry your own gear or would you travel agency to arrange the same for you.

If it is the first time you are planning a tour to the Galapagos Islands, you must prefer booking your tour through the best travel agency. Along with making all the arrangements for your trip (right from flights to accommodation), the travel agency will also offer you guided tours. By recommending you visiting the particular destinations and indulging in the particular activities, they will let you make the maximum of your trip.

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