Things To Do When You Can’t Travel

I don’t know about you, but the last few months have felt like a lifetime; nothing to do but eat and watch TV, with no end in sight for some. Here’s a look at what to do when you can’t travel.

Make bread. Okay, this might sound a bit crazy, but it’s one of those things you can do while doing something else, it’s all down to the proving time. It’s worth the efforts to be rewarded with a delicious loaf that smells divine and is also good for you – in moderation.

Exercise is Great

Don’t fancy baking? Want an idea that doesn’t include food, then why not go to the other end of the spectrum and start training for a 5-kilometer run. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds if you start small and work up. In week 1 you start with a quick warm-up and then jog for 10 minutes a day.

This builds up over time to week 9 and a 20-minute run. Before you know it you’ve completed your 5K challenge and you’re looking lean.

There’s a whole host of matching podcasts and inspirational running music that follows this theme, just to keep you going.

It’s never too late to join a club. Right now cycling is uber fashionable, so why not join a cycling club? There are different clubs to suit all sorts of cyclists, beginners to semi-professionals, female only, or a family cycle, the list goes on. There’s even a nude cycling club but the thought of that is a little too eye-watering for comfort.

So, you don’t want to run or cycle but you do want to be outside – try gardening. Even if you don’t have your own garden you can be creative with a few pots or some colorful window boxes. There’s even a thing called guerilla gardening. You go into your neighborhood and tidy up abandoned plots, weed, and plant seeds. Random I know but in turn, your good deeds improve the environment and everyone’s outlook.

My favorite is a herb window box – and before you know it we’re back to food. So what else can we do from the comfort of our armchair?

Grow Your Own Food

If you’re a foodie who already knows how to cook, why not take the next step and start growing your own food? Fruit, vegetables, and mushrooms, all these can be grown at home. If you have an outdoor garden, then there are tons of options for your planting project.

Don’t have one? Don’t worry! Plenty of edible plants can grow indoors, as well. Mushrooms (which are not plants but fungi) grow especially well indoors. If you’re interested in growing mushrooms, try a beginner’s mushroom-growing kit to get started.

Growing your own food offers many benefits. Aside from having fresh ingredients for your dishes, successfully rearing your plants can be incredibly rewarding. Most importantly, taking care of plants brings you closer to nature and gives you a better understanding of the hard work that farmers and many others do to feed the world.

Plan Your Next Vacation

Before we know it, traveling will be back on the agenda. There’s time to plan out your next vacation. Think about all the places you’ve been, and all the amazing locations you would go to given half a chance and start doing some research. Let your mind wander through the orange groves of Andalusia or saunter down one of the many empty white sandy beaches in Seychelles – right now the world is your virtual oyster.

Need more inspiration? Why not read some travel books or take in an online blog. There are some unusual ideas out there just waiting to be explored; keep a bookmark handy or turn down the pages ready for lift-off later this year.

Take an Online Tour

If art is your thing, every major art gallery or museum is holding virtual tours. Discover the world of Egyptian antiquities or the artists of the Renaissance, who sit in residence at the Louvre in Paris. Take a tour of Ferrari, called “Under the Skin” at the Design Museum in London. These exhibitions are free to view, so why not take advantage of all this culture?

Missing the theatre? I know I am, how about 42nd Street on Broadway in New York totally free of charge, or an online performance of Puccini‘s La Boheme at the Sydney Opera: enjoy that with your dinner mate. Who could forget Tom Hiddleston at the Donmar Warehouse in London and its brilliant production of Coriolanus – here’s guessing you’ll see more theatre now than you ever did before.

Join online communities

Take the time to write that novel you’ve been talking about for years. As they say, everyone has a book in them bursting to come out. Free online courses are available to those budding authors out there. Just remember Fifty Shades of Grey has already been written and non-one wants a trilogy.

If all of the above is not for you and you’re stuck for ideas, consider joining an online community. Whether it’s baking, cycling, opera, or gardening,  like-minded folk are always up for an in-depth discussion about the latest fad; always ready to pass on tips about your begonias or mock your baking efforts.

So while you may not be able to go very far right now at least you’ve got options. As for me, I’m joining the online version of the Great British Bake Off – see you on the other side.

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