Things to Avoid While Buying Roti Maker


Roti maker is the most useful equipment for women in a modern kitchen. It has replaced the traditional method of cooking Roti due to its advanced features. Often, people choose a low-quality product just for the sake of saving money on it and end up getting bad results. After this, such people have a misconception that roti maker is not suitable for Indian kitchens, but if you buy high-quality Roti maker, you have modern features like adjustable temperature, shockproof, non-heating handles and on/off indicators which makes a perfect Roti maker for faster and delicious Roti for your dinner. Let’s dig in deep.

Things to avoid while buying Roti maker

Cheap= Bad results

People have a misconception that branded products cost us more just due to their name, but they forget that their name is due to their high-quality product. Also, at some places, branded products don’t have better features, but this is not the case with the Roti maker.

You need to buy the Rotimatic Roti maker,  which is extremely important to get the desired results. Getting a cheap product will result in a mistake for you. The branded Roti maker will ensure the uniformity and taste as per your expectations. The unbranded product does not have such features.

Hence, you should get a Roti maker from a well-reputed brand and you can seek quality products online.

Buying unbranded product

Roti maker is known for its features, and unbranded products don’t have quality features and do not give you quick and easy Roti. Generally, people look for quick and easy Roti maker and don’t emphasize on quality products. You have to read information about different products and see their ratings. Also, read the instructions for using the product for a better understanding of Roti maker features and functions.

Over advertised products

People tend to pay attention to the products which are more advertised. But, most of the times people don’t get quality products. The reason is that quality speaks for itself, and Branded products are advertised on best platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Even, You can check that these eCommerce websites pay attention to the quality of the Rotimatic Rotimaker to permit them selling on their platform. Cheap companies use maximum advertisement for their product as it is the main reason for selling their products.

Improper size and material

The griddle or Tawa should be made of aluminium. Don’t go with plastic made griddle Roti maker as the plastic Tawa does not have better uniformity of perfect roll out and most of all, they don’t stay long with you. Also, consider that it should be non stick material so that you don’t have to oil it. The Tawa comes from 8-10 inches in sizes. Look at your family size and consider your usage to select the size. Pay attention to the material, which is more important for long term usage.

Avoiding temperature and power usage

Generally, people don’t pay attention to the temperature or heat adjustment feature and power consumption of the Roti maker. For best results, Look for a surface of the Roti maker that reaches up to 425 degrees F. Roti makers are much economical than the traditional method of cooking food, and it can be one of the reasons for you to approach it. It saves a lot of money that you spend unconsciously on gas usage. For a 10 inch Tawa or griddle, you need a 1000 watts Roti maker.

Less featured product

People look for cheap Roti makers with fewer features, but it is recommended that you should go for Roti maker with maximum features. Check some reviews on the web, you can start with Rotimatic Reviews. The advanced features are made to make your cooking more comfortable and easy. There are various important features that you must look at:

• On/Off indicator light– this feature helps you know that the product is working or not. In this feature, the indicator light automatically gets off when it reaches to heat limit.
• Non-heating handles lift– the handles should make of high quality with an extra coating that does not get heated with the temperature of the Roti maker.
• Shockproof body– Generally, electronic equipment has a fear of shock but looks for a Roti maker that does not have any shock issues, and the body material should be built to avoid electric hazards.
• Adjustable temperature knob– Generally, a high-quality Roti maker has three temperature variations to choose from. So, you can adjust the temperature of the product according to your needs.

Consider all these features for having the maximum advantage of your Roti maker.

Avoiding demo CD/User Manual 

Many users avoid demo CD while buying Roti maker. Even the high-quality product buyer complains of the product for no actual reason. Users often don’t follow the instructions given for using the product and work their way, and it results in bad results. Check the model that provides your user manual or demo CD with the product.

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