Things to Avoid When Decorating Your Kids’ Bedroom

Creating a safe and joyous space for your little ones is one of the greatest joys of being a parent. So many parents make a playroom for the children, yet the bedroom is also a fun area for most. But kids are different from adults, and hazards are everywhere, even with things you wouldn’t expect. So here are some common things to avoid when decorating your kids’ bedroom.

Sharp Edges

Young children really don’t understand the laws of physics. For example, as you know, two atoms of the same dimension cannot occupy the same physical space. Unfortunately, kids have no regard for the Pauli exclusion principle. Therefore, they tend to bump into things, seemingly randomly, yet some suspicion that they’re up to something. Whatever it is they’re up to, sharp edges will cause physical injury to your children.

You can help reduce this by installing furniture and items designed for kids. Some furniture specialists like Tylko provide a child-friendly furniture range. Rounded edges are just 1 of 5 Reasons to Get a Tylko Shelf in Your Kids’ Room. Rounded edges will significantly reduce the chance of breaking the skin should your children accidentally bump their heads or try to climb on the furniture. Or when they nibble on the edges.

Toxic Materials

Speaking of nibbling, babies and toddlers love to stick things in their mouths or chew on stuff. The dangers of this should seem quite obvious. Yet many modern materials are toxic to children. In addition to the risk of cuts to the mouth, teeth might become damaged. Yet, the most severe issue is ingesting toxic materials or solvents such as those used in the manufacture of synthetic materials or varnishes and paints for wood.

Soft engineered wood is mainly used for children’s furniture. Therefore, if you buy wooden furniture for your kids, it is best to purchase certified wood free from toxins and contaminants such as formaldehyde. Manufactured woods like MDF can be toxic depending on the manufacturing process. However, reputable children’s furniture manufacturers will not use these woods. They should also use child-friendly paints and varnishes free from solvents and polyurethane.


You always want your kids’ bedrooms to be their own little paradise. A place where they can safely play, laugh, learn and grow. As such, it is easy to cram a room full of toys, games, and stuffed animals. In addition, bedroom furniture like shelving, units, and wardrobes are also typically present. Yet many present dangers such as collapse and tipping over if not constructed, installed, or used correctly.

For example, a shelf crammed with board games may collapse under the weight. A wardrobe with additional toys on top might tip over. And a case full of heavy books might come away from the wall and fall on a child. In the US alone, over 400 children per year are fatally injured from climbing on furniture.

It is therefore imperative that you install items properly, don’t overload a shelf and only use items as intended. It might look cute to place an army of stuffed animals on a shelf above the bed, but make sure that:

    • The shelf is installed properly
    • You don’t exceed the safe weight limit.

Or you could potentially create an injury waiting to happen.

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