They Won the Jackpots – Then Everything went South

Everyone probably dreams of winning a jackpot or a lottery ticket as they think that this will completely resolve everything in their lives. Nevertheless this might be the case for some winners, however there are some people who have actually won jackpots and then they have lost everything. What happens here is that because people believe that they have an endless supply of money, they believe that it won’t run out, and they keep on spending like crazy.

It is actually insane to think that there are people that can win the jackpots and lose or spend all of their money.

Sadly enough this has been the case for numerous people, who have thought that by winning they would have their lives figured out but actually they got carried away playing at casinos not on Gamestop and lost all the winnings one way or another.

Lara and Roger Griffiths

This was the case for Lara and Roger Griffiths, who won $2.76 million on the jackpot and right away they spent their money buying a new home, extravagant cars and taking numerous luxurious trips around the world. Only 5 years into winning, their lavish home caught fire and they were forced to spend money on repairs and renovations for months afterwards. It all started to go downhill the moment they won the jackpot, as they spent the money recklessly and faster than they imagined.

Martyn and Kay Tott

This couple almost won $5 million in the jackpot since they unfortunately lost their winning ticket. Apparently they had to undergo an investigation to confirm that they had indeed had the winning ticket, but failed to claim it within the 30-day limit. Their life went south after this event since they felt for a second that they had their lives figured out with all that money coming ahead, but it never came. And they had to deal with the pressure of having lost all that money within days of thinking that they have become millionaires.

Sharon Tirabassi

Another lucky, or unlucky winner of the jackpot. Sharon Tirabassi won $10 million dollars at an internetcasino, and spent it all right on trips, fancy cars, lavish purchases, and even a big home. In less than ten years she had already loaned money to friends and family and was already back to her normal middle-class life as she had managed to spend it all recklessly.

William Bud Post

Another sad story of a man who won $16.2 million on the lottery but claimed to be $1 million in debt the following year after winning. He said that right away he was a target, and that his own brother had hired someone to get rid of him in order to inherit the money. He felt more happy when he didn’t have any money, as tons of responsibilities came from winning the jackpot.

The main problem with people winning the jackpot is that everyone gets super excited and wants to start blowing up money right away. No one can blame them, after all they did win the lottery, nevertheless these stories all have lessons behind them, and those that have won the lottery and are still thriving from their earnings, they can do it because they are spending it in a more organized manner.

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