The Top Mobile Games to Download for your Vacation Away

Many holidaymakers aim to switch off from any technology-based products during a foreign adventure. It’s entirely understandable, although not necessarily achievable in a modern world that tends to require them. Whether you’re relaxing in the Caribbean or taking in a major European city like Paris, taking a mobile phone away with you is unavoidable, especially if you need to book taxis or track down local tour guides.

Our sophisticated modern-day smartphones can double up as viable entertainment products, too. For example, people have been known to use a smartphone for reading purposes, with some devices capable of hosting e-books. One of the more common options, though, is gaming. Given the continued innovation in this particular space, the sheer amount of excellent smartphone games to sample is impressive. Console-quality games, such as Epic Games’ Fortnite, are commonly utilized options, alongside a selection of Red Tiger slots. Essentially, whether you’re winding down by the pool or in need of some fun during a long coach ride, mobile games offer a convenient and portable offering that is probably already in your bag or pocket anyway.

With that in mind, let’s assess some of the games you simply have to download ahead of your next vacation away. It’s worth noting that not every game featured will necessarily work wherever you are in the world, but many do depend on the country you’re visiting.

Pokemon Go

Given its innovative augmented reality feature, Pokemon Go is one of the best games to download ahead of a foreign adventure. With the game working in a number of foreign territories around the world, players can immerse themselves in the surrounding environment and explore a new setting along the way. While taking in the sights and discovering the best eateries, you can catch Pokemon, battle against fellow players, take down gyms, and hatch eggs, alongside a range of other things this hugely popular game offers.

PUBG Mobile

An undoubted success since making the transition from PC over to the mobile category of gaming, PUBG Mobile is easily one of the best mobile games you can take on holiday with you. Whether you want to throw yourself into an evening of battles or you’re keen to dive in and out of a battle royale game, you’ll be entertained with this chaos-filled masterpiece. PUBG Mobile’s 511.6 million active monthly players obviously can’t get enough of it.

Among Us

If you’re traveling with a group of people, then Among Us is probably ideal. The perfect game to play with your friends, this online multiplayer masterpiece will provide plenty of laughs. Tasking players with hunting down the killer on a spaceship, players vote on who they think the guilty individual is after each round. Guess right and you win. With players having the opportunity to jump between being guilty and innocent, Among Us is always a fun product to sample.

Candy Crush

Although Candy Crush was first released in 2014, the game is still going strong, with 260 million active monthly players on average and 13 million daily active players in 2022. Popular globally, the game is easy to master and can help pass the time while you’re waiting for your flight to be called at the airport or relaxing on a pristine beach somewhere. Ideal for travelers, in particular, Candy Crush is designed to be picked and put down as and when it suits, making it a great gaming product for busy adventurers.

Other mobile games to add to your smartphone for your vacation include Roblox, Minecraft, Genshin Impact, Clash of Clans, Call of Duty: Mobile, 8 Ball Pool, and Monument Valley 2.

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