The Special Bond Between Human and Dolphins

Dolphins interacting with people evokes images of adventure and happiness. Planning a dolphin cruise for your next holiday is like planning for an adventure that will be unforgettable. Before you pack your bags, you should know a few things regarding dolphin and human connection.

According to, dolphins are among the most intelligent creatures. They have the ability to communicate and solve problems. Aside from their intellect, dolphins are known to be friendly, making contact between humans and dolphins possible.

Many dolphin interactions show that they have a positive relationship with people. Some people have been saved from drowning by dolphins or attacked by sharks. The question now is whether that observation applies to all dolphins. Is there a special relationship between humans and dolphins? If you’re interested, let’s look at some facts and learn more about the dolphin-human relationship.

Are Dolphins Friendly to Humans?

You may have heard or read stories of dolphins playing with people or dolphins protecting humans from danger in some way. Do those anecdotes demonstrate that this behavior is constant in dolphins?

The fact is, we don’t know for sure, but one thing is certain: some dolphin species are known to seek out interactions with people. There have also been observations of dolphin-human contact, especially how dolphins behave in the presence of humans. Pita from Belize, Filippo from Italy, and Davina from England are just a few examples.

One report from 2003 showed 29 lone dolphins demonstrating social behaviors. Unsurprisingly, humans are fascinated by these amazing creatures.

With over 40 kinds of dolphins, it is not safe to presume that dolphins have a particular link with humans. However, the bottlenose and spotted dolphins that frequent the coastlines and shorelines have long been amicable with people.

Dolphins, like humans, are naturally inquisitive creatures, which is why we like them. Their curiosity endears them, but it doesn’t change the fact that they belong in the wild. Keep in mind that certain wild animals can still be hostile at times. It is advisable to keep your distance and observe safety standards when doing so.

What You Should Know Before Your Next Dolphin Encounter

The Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) forbids anyone from feeding or attempting to feed dolphins and agitating them. Violators face fines of up to $100,000 and a year in prison.

Here are some things to consider before embarking on a dolphin tour on your next vacation:

1. Wear the proper gear.

During a dolphin trip, anything may happen. Observing dolphins in their natural habitat may result in surprising and unpleasant outcomes. Planning ahead of time and using the appropriate personal safety equipment will make your swimming experience much more pleasurable.

Life vests are required for underage children throughout the cruise. This regulation is in place to keep children safe and secure. Also, keep children from running around or standing near the boat’s edges to avoid falls.

Because your safety is priority, life jackets and lifebuoys should always be available and accessible to ensure your safety on board.

While technology has improved prediction accuracy, weather may still be unexpected. As a result, planning is essential for a trouble-free voyage.

2. Take photos and videos.

Witnessing the gorgeous and gentle dolphins of the waters is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Bring a camera with you to capture images and videos of your journey so you can relive it.

3. Don’t go after dolphins.

While seeing dolphins is exciting, we recommend staying from a safe distance from them. Maintain a 150-foot gap, if feasible, unless they swim close to the boat you’re in.

Dolphins’ behavior might change if chased or subjected to other stressful situations. They may also lose their vigilance for some time, making them easy prey for sharks or other predators.

4. Dolphins should not be touched or fed.

The handling and feeding of dolphins are prohibited by law. Keep in mind that dolphins are hunters who can search for food. Furthermore, giving them human food can make them ill.

5. Understand that dolphins are sociable creatures, so don’t be alarmed if they approach you.

Dolphins are among the most friendly animals on the planet. That is why they will inevitably try to befriend you. Expect them to put on a show by leaping out of the water and displaying their acrobatic abilities.

Dolphins enjoy traveling with their ‘friends’ and ‘family,’ too! Pods are groups of 10 to 15 dolphins that migrate together and do various activities as a unit, like playing, hunting, and raising their calves as a family.

6. You should not bring any sonar equipment with you.

Turn off all sonar devices, including depth sounders that emit sound waves, while you are on your dolphin boat trip. Also, switch your phones to silent mode and turn off the vibration function to avoid stressing out the marine animals throughout the trip.

It should be noted that any photographs of dolphins and other water creatures must be taken without the use of flash, as this might induce uneasiness in the animals.

Key Takeaway

Those who have had the experience of seeing dolphins in the flesh usually find it so enchanting and emotional that when they return home, they immediately suggest it to their friends and family. The finest aspect of the experience is that when you choose to view dolphins in the wild, you are watching healthy, happy creatures living together with their families in the way that nature intended: freely.

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