The Many Eco-Tourism Opportunities in Mexico

Eco-tourism is becoming more popular in the last few years. It seems that people are interested in spending their vacation in a sustainable way that would honor the natural beauty of this planet. There are many regions where you can enjoy this beauty, and Mexico is one of them in some of the following ways.

Beautiful Canyon

Copper Canyon or, as it is known in Mexico, the Barranca del Cobre is an incredible canyon that is deeper than the Grand Canyon in the United States. For a long time, nearby hotels would use the canyon as a dump, but that has stopped with the help of Mexico’s commitment to ecotourism along with the help of tourists like you who are allowing the site to become more profitable.

The canyon is to the west of the famed city of Chihuahua near the Sea of Cortez. Even though the canyon in the United States is more well-known, this canyon is the biggest one in North America. As more people come to visit this canyon, it will be conserved for future generations.

Garden in the City

Xochimilco Gardens is one of the most beautiful gardens in Mexico. It is in the middle of Tenochtitlan, which is a big city in Mexico that has been true for a while since it was also a large metropolis under Aztec rule. Those who have visited the gardens sometimes call it the Venice of Mexico, and this is because the location is filled with such natural and cultural beauty.

You will find musicians, street cooks, people who make all sorts of authentic crafts, and unique agriculture. The region greatly depends on tourism, so being able to support this garden along with the hard working people of this region should help make this trip feel much more meaningful to you. It should be pointed out that the canal in this region is also home to the axolotl, a salamander that Mexico and the world has been trying to protect since the species is in danger of becoming extinct.

Getting Involved With Turtles

If you want an ecotourism opportunity that also exposes you to some of the local foods, then a good place to stop is Riviera Maya. This place has so much to explore but allows you to take things a step forward if you want. Other than the rejuvenating weather, the incredible food, and truly luxurious villa rentals in Riviera Maya, Mexico, the region also offers unique volunteer opportunities that will level-up your travel experience.

As an eco-tourist, you want to feel like your travels mean something to you, not only the region but mother nature as well, which is where Akumal Turtle Camp comes into play. If you are willing to volunteer, then you are going to be given the opportunity to help the conservation specialists patrol the beaches where you’ll be looking for female sea turtles who are nesting. You are going to be marking where the nests are with stakes. This is going to allow the staff to get scientific data for better protection, and it is also going to help them protect those nests from predators.

Adventures, Jungles, and Ruins

Chiapas has one of the most exciting ecotourism opportunities for those who want to experience nature with a bit of an edge. Here, you will find zipines, waterfalls, and even ancient Mayan ruins. The ruins are in the middle of lush jungle, which is one reason many would rather just zipline through this region and take it all in in an edgy way.

Sure, you can also explore the area by walking through the terrain where you will see some of the exotic creatures in this region and where you should be able to get to the 100-foot waterfall right in the middle of this jungle. You may see a few tourists like you taking a swim at the base of the waterfall, and you can join them if you want. The Chiapas Adventure Trip is another tour that survives thanks to ecotourists like you, and they use that money not only for the people working there but to conserve this wondrous region.

Mexico certainly has a lot to offer for every eco-tourist. Give the country an opportunity to show you how vast and diverse its natural ecosystem is. Give yourself a chance to be changed by mother nature on this trip to Mexico.

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