The Guide To Planning A Summer Road Trip With Cannabis

Summer vacation will probably be on top of your mind this year, after being cooped up indoors throughout 2020. Even as the vaccines make things a bit safer, the virus is still active, and you have to be safety-conscious. Planning a road trip is the best idea from the safety perspective because it curbs the risk of infection when you travel in your vehicle. There are other benefits too, as you can explore destinations without being confined by itineraries. This year, you can plan a summer road trip with cannabis to add a dose of excitement to the vacation. But you will need to follow some rules and guidelines to do it safely. Here is some advice to help.

Learn the laws along your route

While cannabis is legal in Canada, there are specific regulations you have to follow in different provinces. For example, you have to stick with rules regarding legitimate age, quantities, and public consumption. Not following these rules can land you in deep trouble. Have a tentative route for the trip and learn the laws in all the provinces you will cover. The same goes for cannabis laws in the states of the US.

Avoid cannabis en route if you drive

It is best to wait for your breaks to have a session with cannabis, specifically when you are on a solo trip or the only designated driver. You can get into a big fix if the police stop you and find you in a high state while driving. Conversely, you can go ahead with a session if you do not plan to get behind the wheel. The hours will fly by, and you will love every moment of the journey.

Pack your stash smartly

Another rule to follow on a road trip with cannabis is to pack it smartly. Ideally, have everything tucked safely in a bag locked up in the trunk. Any product on the seat can be a problem. Also, make sure you have your stuff in airtight containers to keep the aroma and flavor in. Whether you carry cannabis edibles, herbs, or vapes, you must pick appropriate containers or packaging. Edibles are ideal for travel trips because they are discreet and do not require paraphernalia.

Have a map at hand

Having a map at hand is crucial, not just for wayfinding but also for buying your stash en route. You may run out of supplies at any point, and it is wise to know your replenishment options in advance. It is a good idea to mark the legal dispensaries en route and at your destination so that you need not work too hard. You can even use an app for finding nearby stores while driving. The final piece of advice is to consume sensibly without going over the top. Avoid choosing hard-hitting strains because you will not want to get too high during the drive. You can keep them aside for the hotel room. When you are on the road, focus on having fun and being safe.

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