The Fiberglass Menagerie – the Mecca of Roadside Ginormous Stuff

Ever wonder where they came from?

So did we!

Nothing lifts the spirits while traveling through America quite like the sight of a fiberglass colossus looming in the distance. On a summertime roadtrip, through the shimmering heat from the highway, a form begins to take shape…

A sky-scraping Abe Lincoln, a Paul Bunyan the size of a small office building, a life-sized brontosaurus or a fish that could swallow an airliner — all have great power to inspire, or at least attract… CONTINUE READING >>

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15 thoughts on “The Fiberglass Menagerie – the Mecca of Roadside Ginormous Stuff”

  1. We live just a few blocks from Hayward’s giant musky, but never realized its creators were from Wisconsin! After reading this, we appreciate even more the effort that went into it. A few years ago, it was featured in a Schneider Transport TV ad. Sometimes at Christmas, a life-size, fully lit Santa sleigh with reindeer can be seen ‘flying’ away from the musky’s gaping jaws.

  2. Ha, these are great! There is a winery near my hometown that has a giant pink elephant outside. I wonder if it was created by Corey and Lupe!

  3. This place is pretty cool. Although one thing that worries me is neither Corey nor Lupe are wearing any type of respiratory protection. I can’t imagine fiberglass dust being great for your health :/.

  4. I’ve been to the U.S. several times and the first thing I noticed is a seeming propensity to do everything big. What big servings they’ve got in any average diner! It may have some small houses, but it’s not what every American wants. He wants his house big! Remember the big cars? hey… it was only recently they decided to get into small, sub-compact cars! And the way they go nuts about big boobs! So big animal cartoon characters and icons in Sparta, Wisconsin? run of the mill.

  5. How wild is that–a whole field of big things just waiting to be picked. Wonder what I could choose for outside my place?:D Two of my favorite big things are Lucy the Elephant, America’s oldest roadside attraction (in Margate, NJ), and the giant lobster outside Rain Barrel artisans village in the Florida Keys. Fun post! loved the insight into the process.

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