The Best Indoor Rock Climbing Spots in New York City for the Family

If your kids have outgrown the monkey bars at the playground, it’s time you start checking out the best New York City rock climbing spots for your next trip to the Big Apple. Rock climbing gives your kids the perfect opportunity to build their mental abilities and social skills. Kids learn how to problem-solve while figuring out the best route to the top, and improve their ability to focus as rock climbing requires a lots of spatial awareness and concentration.

Your youngsters will also develop other life skills like perseverance, setting goals, and overcoming obstacles. Moreover, kids tend to develop a feeling of confidence and bravery whenever they reach the top of a rock-climbing wall. If this is something that is right up the alley for you and your family, here are some great places in New York to scale the heights – and they are all within easy reach using money saving transportation services like Go New York tours double-decker tour bus.

Brooklyn Boulders in Brooklyn

This gym was once the Daily News Garage that opened its doors to the public in 2009 with the intention of teaching NYC locals how to climb. Brooklyn Boulders has a team of experienced, energetic climbers and gives you a ratio of about one teacher to every five climbers. The daily Kids Academy implements a unique classroom style teaching system that is process oriented, to teach your kids skills like stretching, rope climbing, and bouldering.

To add fun to their classes, the team at Brooklyn Boulders incorporates climbing games and a chance for your youngster to participate in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) activities. Teenagers are not left behind either as they have the Teen Academy where they get a chance to get together with like-minded friends, explore rock climbing, and be coached on their individual techniques. This facility offers modern equipment with private lessons, competitive team activities, and adventure camps.

Field House in Manhattan

The Field House at Chelsea Piers offers you a 23-foot wall that is perfect for first timer kids in the world of rock climbing, as well as for those with experience and looking to improving their technique and skills. Kids ages 5 to 9 can choose to join the Open Youth Rock Climbing program to develop their individual climbing skills. Top rated instructors stop by for sessions on a regular basis.

The wall at the Sports Center is the largest indoor rock wall in NYC and one of the most challenging in the country. This wall is designed for kids aged 10 to 15 with 4-week programs available for children at all skill levels. Older teens can also benefit from the Beginner Bouldering School or private lessons available at both wall-climbing centers.

The Cliffs in Queens

The team at The Cliffs has an infectious passion for climbing and they love teaching every climbing style to your kids – your children will not only learn how to handle the ropes, but also become passionate about the sport. Kids between ages 6 and 14 can take on a weeklong climbing adventure in a collaborative environment that involves both indoors and outdoors. Youngsters are taught a variety of rope skills and climbing techniques, problem solving, and leadership skills in a fun environment in the facility’s Cliffs Vacation program.

Older, experienced, children of up to 10, also get to enjoy the outdoors by signing up for Urban Adventure Vacation. This program is designed to teach the older kids how to master trapeze, participate in collaborative games, climb, and explore nature for a week. In addition, there are competitive and recreation after school teams in the spring and fall.

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