The Best American Sitcoms on British TV

With more and more individuals switching to streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, we quite often forget that some of our TV favourites can be found on aerial TV services. British TV does not only just feature British programmes, and we as British people will switch to streaming platforms for a greater sense of Americanised viewing. Home to the world of Hollywood, American sitcoms are mostly preferred over British sitcoms purely due to their exaggerating and dramatic humour. What some people don’t know is, that these same sitcoms that we pay to laugh at on streaming platforms, can also be found on our free television services and all you need is a working TV aerial. For TV aerial installations   however, without further ado, let’s jump into some of the best American sitcoms on British TV services.

The Big Bang Theory

This hit comedy show focuses on the lives of four peculiar physicists in the Los Angeles area of the US. As they all occasionally attempt to one-up each other in their occupations, the audience begins to see a different side of them as the series progresses, and females are brought into their lives. Through their absurd lives and the laughable situations they find themselves in on the daily, the audience is left in fits of laugher at the personalities of each character. Catch The Big Bang Theory on E4 every day on Freeview TV. You will never be short of episodes!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Giving the viewer an insight into detective life on Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct, the show has successfully mixed real-life issues with comedy for eight seasons straight. The show’s main character, Jake Peralta, is great at his job however, through his fun-loving and witty personality, each task he carries out is demonstrated in an immature manner which doesn’t always correspond well with his work partner, Amy Santiago, who he eventually ends up falling for. Brooklyn Nine-Nine displays situations and issues that are faced by the group of detectives whilst also incorporating comedy, which the cast and producers are highly praised for. Much like The Big Bang Theory, you can also find this highly rated sitcom on E4.

Bobs Burgers

This animated American sitcom can be caught on ITV2, displaying the life of the Belcher family who runs an established burger joint in a seaside region. Each episode tends to follow a different storyline, mostly revolving in and around the restaurant, following the lives of Linda, Bob, and their three unique and quirky kids who all attend school, but assist their father with his business and issues that he faces with it. The show can be seen as a modern-day version of “The Simpsons” and has proven to be popular amongst viewers considering it has run for 12 seasons.


Proving to be another ITV2 favourite, Superstore demonstrates a reflection of reality for the employees within large supermarket retailers in the United States. The show demonstrates the workers within the fictional Walmart look-alike store, and the issues and relationships that they have with one another, and the difficult customers who they face daily. The show features Ugly Betty star and multi-award-winning, America Ferrera who plays the role of the store manager, so it is no surprise as to why this American sitcom appears to be so loved.

Family Guy

Although this sitcom is well-loved and highly popular, it is slightly on the cruder side compared to most American sitcoms and is perfect for those with a witty sense of humour and dark personality. ITV2 displays Family Guy in the later hours of the evening as although it is an animated show, it is primarily targeted at older viewers due to its content. Family Guy portrays the life of Peter Griffin and his family, which includes a talking dog and baby with an adult personality, displaying American culture through their weird and warped life situations.

How I Met Your Mother 

This show focuses on the life of Ted Mosby as the whole series is more or less him telling his kids the story of his past life before them which lead to him meeting their mother. With several different storylines throughout, the show demonstrates the life of a younger Ted and his friends and acquaintances as we watch what they got up to before properly growing up. During the last season, HIMYM portrays a more sentimental aspect as well as displaying a comical aspect as all is revealed to his children. To catch the staring actors and actresses within the series such as Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor, and Alyson Hannigan, be sure to watch the show on E4.

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