The Beauty Of Cruising To Alaska

Do you know cruising is the best way to visit Alaska? Here are the reasons why you should!

Alaska, no doubt is one of the beautiful states of the USA. The magical state is rightfully nicknamed ‘The Land of the Midnight Sun’. It has a low population of one person for every square mile. That allows you to get out and explore many territories! It is the best place to get lost and find yourself if you are looking for a self-exploring journey. Truly, what other places to go than Alaska, where the sky performs a magical light show. Aurora Borealis (northern lights) can be seen an average of 243 days a year in Fairbanks. Alaska has 17 of the 20 highest peaks in the USA. There are so many natural beauties in Alaska to talk about, and still will not be enough to do it justice. And don’t forget about the diversity of Alaska.

It is home to over 224 Native American tribes and has over 20 indigenous languages. Traveling to Alaska is nothing short of a thrill, a beautiful journey under the memorable midnight sun. But what is the best way to visit Alaska? Well of course what better way to reach Alaska and its glacier than a cruise! Cruising itself is a vacation of its own and taking a cruise to go to the land of the midnight sun is the adventure you read about in the stories. It is a double holiday! Now cruising itself may seem like an expensive vacation however it is one of the cheapest ways to reach Alaska. The best time to cruise to Alaska is between May to September, so you have to plan it accordingly.

1. Alaska Cruises are Affordable

It is the most economical approach to see a great deal of Alaska in a short period. At this moment, a 9-day Norwegian Sawyer Glacier Cruise with a 1-night stay in Seattle runs $999 per individual in June. While in comparison, a ferry ticket for 1 individual at $500 per individual round trip from Bellingham to Ketchikan (and that is winter rates) or an Alaska Airlines from Seattle to Ketchikan in June at $404 full circle. Hence you begin to realize the convenience of the voyage which includes convenience, dinners, and transport. If you are arranging your first outing to Alaska and have about fourteen days for travel, What can be the best way to see the state other than the Alaska Cruise. Alaska cruise is a great way to see most of the state and the fun things you can do once it ends because cruising will also give you an overview of where things are.

2. A Great Way To Explore the Inside Passages

The Inside Passages of Alaska has thousands of islands and rainforest shorelines that would be impossible to get access by road. The ship cruises through them easily and lets you enjoy the wonders of Alaskan nature. You can slide past mountains rising from the sea, the closest you can get. Otherwise, getting to mountains and glaciers by boat is an added cost. The cruise is one ticket to all wonders! Glacier Bay is one of the hardest places to visit, cruises make it easier to go there. The trip has at least two stops at glaciers.

3. Get to Know Alaska and Its History

All through the voyage, there is a naturalist on board who points out the wildlife around the boat. You can watch whales right from your balcony! You do not have to be at the spot, you can listen to them while relaxing, walking, or getting ready for bed as it is televised in your room. So in case you want to watch something, it is easier for you to get out onto your gallery and spot some amazing sights. You can enjoy everything from the comforts of your cabin.

4. Off-shore excursions

You can enjoy the best of both land and water. Many may think that cruising will not allow for fun activities like zip-lining through forests, fishing, hiking, dog sledding, gold panning, kayaking, bear tours, etc. but cruises have opportunities for all of that. You can fix your timings accordingly with the cruise tour manager, and you are all set to go. Many cruises even have shore activities as part of their tour. So not only you can see the rarest glaciers and mountains rising from the sea but also get to explore the wildlife through thrilling experiences and daring activities.

5. Treating Your Taste Buds

Alaskan cruises offer a wide range of authentic Alaskan cuisines. Starting from their famous Salmon to game meats, you can indulge in crabs like Dungeness and King crab. There are special buffets just around crabs with dishes ranging from crab cakes to bisque and crab in clarified butter. They serve their cuisines in every possible way, and you best believe it will be one of the best culinary adventures. And of course who can forget their Alaskan wild blueberries in a myriad of ways like pies, parfaits, cakes, and cobblers.


It is extremely unlikely that you could see as much in a short amount of time if you travel by car and seaplanes. The ship always sails overnight, so you leave one spot at night and awake in another spot ready to embark off the ship and head to the planned adventure of the day. Alaska cruises are fun and feel spontaneous. It is not only affordable both economically and timewise, but also convenient as it lets you experience activities you never could otherwise like walking in glaciers and being able to see whales from your balconies. So what are you waiting for? Book an Alaskan Cruise!

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