The 2020 Packing List For Long-Term Travel In Europe This Summer

So, you have made up your mind, summer 2020 is going to mark the beginning of your year in Europe. Lockdown has given you plenty of time to plan your adventure the locations you will see and how you will get there. You may not have considered what you will need to pack in your suitcase, as Europe has many weather climates, as well as being the home of some of the world’s most iconic designer brands. A year of travelling has a few challenges when it comes to packing, you will quickly run out of suitcase space so packing smart will always pay off in the end. To help you get your belongings ready for your year trip take a look at these items and tips.


When it comes to packing clothes, you may find that you don’t have the space to fit them all. Splitting your wardrobe into categories such as formal, casual and comfy will really help you see what you don’t need to take with you. If you can try and pack outfits that are interchangeable, such a good cardigan or if you feel like making a statement a personalised t shirt which you can get from Banana Moon Clothing. Here are a few clothing items to get you started with yours:

    • Smart Shirt & Trousers
    • Casual Shirt
    • Jumper
    • Shorts
    • Cargo Trousers 


A year away from home is a liberating experience, but as it a step into the unknown planning ahead will see you through any of those unknowns. You will be reliant on your smartphone for both navigation and communication, so make sure this is kept safe in a waterproof and shockproof case to prevent any mishaps. If you are looking to capture every moment then a camera is a must have accessory, if you are taking a camera consider a travel case to hold your camera lenses and any other accessories together and free from damage during flights and transfers.

    • Smartphone & Waterproof Case
    • Camera
    • Tablet/Laptop
    • Backup Power Pack
    • Euro Multi-Adaptor


There is no way you can take a year supply of toiletries in one suitcase, even if you don’t use grooming and pampering products you will not have the free space. Consider what you can get in Europe, most products you know, and use will be available but the name and brandings may be slightly different so a bit of research before-hand will tell you what to look out for. Pack enough for the first week, this will give you plenty of time to locate any things that you will be needing. You should definitely pack plenty if any item you use, that isn’t readily available, or expensive overseas.

    • Toothpaste & Toothbrush
    • Face Wash
    • Shampoo
    • Deodorant


Consider your essential items as things you won’t be able to travel without, such as your passport and driving licence, and plane tickets and accommodation booking details. On this list you can also include things like any prescription medications or supplements. If you are going to be travelling for long distances then adding some comfort essentials such as a travel pillow, ear plugs and an eye mask will come in handy whilst you are away.

    • Passport
    • Identification/Driver’s License
    • Medication
    • Sun Cream & After Sun
    • Travel Pillow
    • Earplugs


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