Strains To Look Out For In 2021

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to cannabis strains, but you can’t argue with good genetics. Stable genetics aren’t easy for breeders to replicate. It’s a time-consuming process, but that’s what makes some strains better than others (Nobleton Weed Dispensary).

In 2020, I’ve committed to buying only the best strains on the dispensary menu, like Clementine Kush. Treat yourself, right? Here are the top 5 strains I’m looking out for in 2020:

●     Mimosas, Anyone?

This strain is about as sweet as it sounds, thanks to its cross between Clementine Kush and Purple Punch. It was geniusly bred by Symbiotic Genetics, and they nailed it.

Mimosa buds look as exotic as they smell. This strain has a light green and tropical orange phenotype, sure to brighten up your stash. Some lucky people have even found some buds with hints of purple. Regardless of which colors you find, these buds will sparkle.

If you’re looking for an uplifting strain, Mimosa may be the perfect way to start your day. It’s energizing, uplifting and can increase your focus. As a bonus, it’s also an awesome base for a hash. If you’re the type of smoker to make the most of your buds, Mimosa won’t disappoint.

●     999

Yes, that is the real name of this strain. Josh D of “The Real OG Kush Story” and Karma Genetics are responsible for this hybrid. This man is known for his expertise, so any buds by him are sure to be winners.

999 is a cross between Triangle Kush and Biker Kush. It’s not often we find such big buds like this in one strain, but we aren’t complaining. 999 smells and tastes as intense as it sounds. Get ready for some dank diesel, pine, and earthy notes. When I get my hands on 999, I’ll proceed with caution, because anything by Josh D is sure to pack a wicked punch.

●     White Tahoe Cookies, Please

This is one of the easier strains to get a hold of on my 2020 list. Kush4Breakfast is this strain’s breeder, and they’ve made it available across the West Coast.

Smokers can expect a lot from this strain. After all, it’s a hybrid of The White, GSC, and Tahoe OG. This impressive combination means White Tahoe Cookies smell and taste a little like heaven. Expect citrus, pine, and skunk and some earthy terpenes when you pull. Sink back and let the cerebral high of White Tahoe Cookies take over. Once you welcome that sweet euphoria, you’ll be hooked, if you can snap out of relaxation station, that is.

●     The Vision Strain

Almost as difficult to get your hands on as Clementine Kush, this strain is in high demand. The vision was bred by Portland’s Archive and made its debut in 2018 at The Emerald Cup. Since then, all the buzz about The Vision has made it a true rarity in the cannabis world.

This strain is a hybrid of Lemon G and Dosidos. It’s as sweet as it sounds and truly a pleasure to smoke. Even if you’re into more skunky flavors, you’ll be able to enjoy The Vision because it has a peppery kick.

Naming a strain, “The Vision” is a bold move. But, Archive hasn’t disappointed. The Vision serves up just the right amount of euphoria, giggles, and relaxation. Think of it as your good-time bud. Cannabis enthusiasts are always trying to get themselves some Vision, so if you’re lucky enough to come across it, don’t hesitate – it won’t be there long.

●     My Sweet, Sweet, Clementine Kush

I intentionally saved the best for last. Partially in the hopes that you wouldn’t make it this far and there would be more leftover for me.

Clementine Kush was bred by Colarado Seed Inc. and is, by far, my favorite hybrid. This strain is a cross between Gupta Kush and Tangerine Sunrise.

Like The Vision, Clementine Kush is rare. Smokers who encounter this sativa-dominant strain are in for a citrus treat. This strain packs the perfect combination of effects, which is why it’s my favorite. You won’t need to sacrifice any euphoria to enjoy Clementine Kush’s cerebral high. It’s truly the best of both worlds. Just remember, save some for the rest of us.

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