Staying Out of Trouble With the Law: How Not to Get Arrested

Nothing can truly flip your life upside down like getting arrested does, regardless of the cause or the circumstances of the arrest.

Unfortunately, with arrest records on the rise, every single person needs to educate themselves on how not to get arrested.

Thankfully, there are different ways and strategies you can implement to avoid getting arrested in the first place. Keep on reading for our key tips on how to avoid getting arrested.

How Not to Get Arrested 101: Don’t Drink and Drive

This one sounds obvious. However, you’d be surprised (and horrified) by the sheer amount of DUI arrests that occur on a daily basis.

A great way to avoid this horrid pitfall would be to arrange a sober ride home. It’s essential if you’re partying or having alcohol somewhere else than where you intend to sleep/pass out.

Taking a cab, having a designated driver, taking a rideshare, and even hopping on the metro are all options that you can take and avoid getting arrested for.

Yet, sometimes you might be in a position where you have to fight a DUI. In that instance, having a lawyer on your side like Gordon Thompson DUI & Criminal Attorney can be the difference between a black stain on your record and winning your case.

Don’t Drive With Marijuana in Your Car

Regardless of its legal status in your state, make sure to avoid leaving marijuana in your car.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small quantity or not. By keeping it at home and locked away safely, it won’t make your house or car smell like weed.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that cops will be able to identify the smell of marijuana in your car. This will give them probable cause to search your car, or even extend your detention long enough for the K9 to conduct a sniff-search.

Furthermore, if they do find marijuana in your car, you can be charged with possession of marijuana (which will depend on your state of residency’s laws).

If you have to drive with marijuana, make sure that it’s in an air-tight container and that you remove it from your vehicle as soon as possible.

Leave Toxic Relationships ASAP

Staying in toxic relationships can not only ruin your emotional and mental health, but it can literally cause the intervention of law enforcement.

There is no denying the fact that the majority of toxic and abusive relationships tend to escalate if left unchecked. Emotional abuse can turn into verbal abuse, which can then turn into physical abuse.

Once it hits the level of physical altercations, then the police will get involved. Unfortunately, even when you might be the victim, there is no guarantee that the police will arrest the guilty party.

The ABC’s of Staying on the Right Side of the Law

It can be nerve-wracking just to think about getting in trouble with law enforcement officers.

Therefore, educating yourself on how the system works (and how not to get arrested) is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones, especially if you’re traveling a lot and don’t have the time to brush on the state’s laws.

Thankfully, now that you’re armed with these tips, you can keep these traveling dreams alive with no worries about getting in trouble.

Just make sure to check out the rest of our blog, especially our U.S. section, for all the traveling details you might need.

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