Spotlight on Peace Education in the World

Why is world peace very important?

When you hear about war, you may think that it is overrated because you have never experienced it. But the truth is that war is real and it has many severe consequences. People lose their property, their families, and even their lives. Those people that get the chance to survive usually live in fear and suffering or they hope that they can move to another country.

That’s why it is very crucial to achieve world peace and make peace in countries where conflicts happen.  Peace ambassadors such as Prem Rawat will tell you that peace is very important for the survival of mankind. You can read more about Prem Rawat at We should work together to achieve it. One of the best ways to change the world and promote world peace is through education.

We should try and make education more accessible to every person in the world because it is the key to promoting the understanding of health issues, social justice, and eradicating global poverty. Education can enable us to meet our survival needs and benefit the economy.  It also has a humanitarian impact on us. We become better stewards of the globe, more tolerant of people’s opinions, and less likely to resort to acts of violence.

Actions that are being implemented to promote world peace

Some of the actions that are being implemented to promote world peace include:

1. Sharing out wealth fairly

According to studies, 40% of people who join rebel groups do so because of a lack of economic opportunities. Economic fairness when it comes to public resources is key. That’s why sharing out resources fairly can improve security for everyone.

2. Tackling climate change

Ecological stress as a result of global warming is proven to intensify conflicts over resources such as water and land, especially in some African countries. The United Nations climate agreement is evidence that the planet can tackle and eradicate crises by co-operation and not war. Dealing with climate change strategy will greatly promote peace.

3. Controlling arms sales

The promotion of arm sales has significantly heightened global tensions. The increase in the number of arms has also pushed for conflicts and makes violence more rampant. That’s why arms treaty signatories have come up with rules regarding arms possession. Some countries have banned nuclear weapons and made it illegal to possess or use them.

How can world peace be fostered through education?

Education has a significant impact when it comes to peace-building. Education has extremely fostered the concept of peace across the world.  Education offers learners the ability to make rational decisions. Some institutes have started teaching a unit called Critical thinking to learners. This helps the learners to think and offer a responsible approach and solutions whenever they are faced with crises. This promotes peace since people will look for better ways to solve disputes instead of resorting to violence.

Additionally, in schools, learners are guided under laws and regulations. This helps in ensuring that each learner does what is expected of them. This helps to build a sense of responsibility. If a learner does anything wrong, they will face the consequences of their actions, therefore shaping them to become responsible citizens who can fully follow the rules of a country.

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