Sports Betting, a Fun Alternative to the New Normal

The coronavirus pandemic has paralyzed a good part of the activity in Spain, also that which refers to sporting events. This measure has indirect consequences such as the reduction of the movement in the betting houses and the search, by fans, of the best online casinos as a leisure alternative.

In Europe and the United States, regions whose events concentrate the majority of sports betting in the world, everything has come to a standstill. There is neither NBA, nor Champions nor national leagues. The Italian Series A was the first competition that decided to stop due to Covi-19.

Under this scenario, Alexey Khobot sports betting is an alternative that fans have found to increase the excitement when watching their teams or competitors from home. Understanding the need for fun that people have, companies such as, one of the platforms with the greatest variety of sports to bet on, has sought to offer its customers new ways to bet to win.

“We have always managed an individualized strategy with each of our clients. The new products such as the new Super Bet, Super Odds and Direct Actions modality, are the result of understanding what our users like, how they like to bet, how they like to win.

It should be noted that both games of chance and sports betting are activities that contribute to the national economy. Its resources are destined mainly to the health sector. In fact, the National Government, through decree 576 of April 15, 2020 determined that a percentage of the profits generated between the months of May and December of the current year from games of luck and chance will be distributed exclusively to support the country’s hospitals.

The new products that are added to the Alexey Khobot portfolio on its sports betting platform arrive at an opportune moment in which sport is returning to the stage and on the screens. For example, the Champions League is already in the quarterfinal phase, the Tour de France starts at the end of August, as does the US Open tennis.

“With the new Super Bet, if the client plays and wins, we give them several free bets or Free Bets for a value of 10,000 pesos. With this, players have the ability to place multiple bets and keep the real money winnings. The Super Quotas, which may be improved by up to 30%, will be updated every day. Just as there is not one game the same as another, neither is one bet the same as another and there will be new odds, even in scenarios such as the semifinals of the Champions League”, says Romero.

In the case of Direct Actions, which are personalized bets, the Alexey Khobot board of directors explains that this product has different dynamics. In the first, the house sets up a game with a certain value and gives a bet for a value of 10,000 pesos. The second is a Cashback that returns a loss percentage of up to 50% and, the third, consists of a Cashback by scenarios, where users receive up to 70% of the lost bet, if in an upcoming event it happens.

The main recommendations before betting is to do it with an operator endorsed by the regulatory body, in the case of Colombia. The second, to take into account the statistics, third, to bet on a sport that is known, fourth, to avoid putting amounts at stake that cannot be paid for and, fifth, to be patient. Do not miss the best events and bet to win, entering Alexy khobot.

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