Space-Saving Tips for Your Dorm Room

If you are the owner of a small dorm room, you should not be upset as it is better to pay attention to the positive aspects of such housing. In the end, the concept of “small space” is relative, and other elements will play a significant role, the number of meters and people living on them, as well as the location and amount of furniture. Well, the undoubted advantages of a small room will be the saving of utility costs and time for cleaning the space.

4 Steps for Saving Room Space?

    1. Step 1. Stop struggling with the shortcomings of the small space place. Instead, focus on its benefits.
    2. Step 2. Before you begin to develop a strategy for how to save space in the room, decide on its functional purpose: what will it be – a bedroom, a living room, a nursery, an office, or everything in one place.
    3. Step 3. Having determined the purpose of the room, proceed to the choice of style of its design. Small rooms are best suited to minimalism. Also, it is this style that best saves space.
    4. Step 4. Next comes the turn of compiling lists of those things and interior items that you intend to have in the room. Since we are talking about initially small areas, it is better to forget about overall cabinets and chests of drawers. Pay close attention to transformer models, such as a sofa bed or a dresser table. They will allow you not to overload the room, rationally use the space, and, at the same time, save it.

Of course, if you don’t have enough time, it is best to transform your place little by little. However, it is not that easy to do in case you have tons of papers and other college assignments to do. In such a case, getting help from a professional paper writing service might be life- and grade-saving. Trust your homework and academic performance to professionals and concentrate on things you like or need.

Where to Find New Places to Store Old Things?

Make the Most of Cabinet Doors

Doors of the cabinet do nothing? Then let’s use them wisely. Attach hooks, hangers, or canvas with small pockets to the inner side of the doors. Here you can place scarves, belts, gloves, small bags, hats, and jewelry.

Connect the Hangers

Hangers are best connected among themselves: with small hooks, rings, or even tongues from cans. It turns out that all things will be located on several levels. The only negative aspect is that to pull out the dress that hangs on the first level. You need to remove the second and third. This method does not save time but significantly saves space.

Use the Height of the Room

Do you have free space under the ceiling? If you can throw a couple of baskets or drawers on the wardrobe, then use this. Put seasonal things in the far corner: winter hats in the summer, and swimwear in the winter. Maybe old memories or lovely gifts of old acquaintances will be stored there. It helps you to make more room for the table where you can do your homework, prepare for exams, and learn something online. Definitely, it is worth your efforts.

Store Bedding Carefully

Even a few sets of bed linen take up quite a lot of space in the closet. Therefore, you can store it practically and neat: fold the sheets and duvet covers in each pillowcase. Firstly, nothing is lost, and secondly, it will always be easy for you to find the right kit.

Buy Hanging Shelves

Hinged shelves are a must-have for any small room. When putting another cupboard or shelving is not an option, but you really want to put things in place, such convenient shelves will be magic wands for a wardrobe. You can organize your studying space with shelves too. It is worth making the atmosphere suitable and inspiring to study.

Use Dividers for Clothes

When things are not neatly folded, they automatically take up much more space. To avoid the mess in the dresser once and for all, buy (or do it yourself) special fabric boxes. Then, underwear, socks, T-shirts will not mix, will not be lost, and there will be a place for new clothes in the closet!

Put Only Functional Furniture

The best option for a small bedroom is functional and roomy furniture such as beds, sofas, and armchairs with many additional drawers. Sometimes, to significantly increase the free space of a room, it is enough just to update the furniture. Indeed, you can no longer keep old, bulky, “seen things” objects. Replace them with new, compact, more convenient, and high-quality samples that will save space and give you more freedom for a variety of activities.

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