So, What’s the Big Idea?

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We all have ideas every day. Most run right through our heads, sort of in one ear and out the other, never to be thought of again. But what if we get one that is really big, like a “this could change the world” kind of inspiration?

When that happens there are some questions we might ask ourselves, such as “Am I the first person to think of this?” Or “How can I get this great idea off the ground?” Or “How can I ever get this patented and produced?”

Well that’s where even the best inventors will likely need some help. And that is where an organization such as Davison can make the difference between your invention becoming a forgotten concept or another one of Davison inventors success stories.

Their proven process will take you from the initial thought, through to the finished product. Their services will take you from securing a patent, to prototype design and development, and all the way to designing the packaging and finding a company to produce and sell it.

These days this is vital for almost any inventor because things have changed since back in the days when Ben Franklin came up with the lightning rod and bifocal lenses. Thomas Edison secured over one thousand patents, including the phonograph and electric light bulb, but even he got beat out by Alexander Graham Bell when it came to the telephone.

This just goes to show that sometimes more than one person can have a similar idea at the same time. To me that is all the more reason to protect yours.

So protecting your idea is obviously a top priority, but what good is it if you can’t get the invention produced and marketed?

Not much I’d say. Again, this is where experience and expertise can make all the difference. Davison has been helping inventors for over thirty years and along the way they have learned a thing or two. They have the connections and the know-how to take ideas to the corporations that will ultimately market them.

But there still might be some apprehension about handing over a concept that could stand to make a good bit of money. I can almost hear you asking “How do I know it’s safe?” “What if they take my idea?”

Those are good questions, because without trust there is no way to move forward. That is why Davison requires a completed Idea Security Agreement before they will even speak to you about anything specific to your idea. The security of your idea is their top priority.

Once trust is established, moving on to developing your idea can shift into high gear and move on to the Invention Factory. This unique concept allows for complete development of a prototype on site.

In the factory Davison can create prototypes of almost anything because the shops include capabilities for molding and modelling along with designing with wood, metal, electronics, video, software,  electrical engineering, textiles, lasers, and more.

Imagine the excitement when you get your hands on a real working prototype of your idea!

The only thing that could be better than that would be seeing it in stores… or collecting your profits.

David & Veronica,

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