Slot Bonuses Explained For The Traveling Man

There are a huge variety of online slot bonuses available to players at Slots Baby. There is everything from free spins to loyalty bonuses. While some of these bonuses are self explanatory, others can be confusing. Newer players in particular may find some slot bonuses quite difficult to understand. Below is a small list of slot bonuses, accompanied by a small explanation as to what they are.

No Deposit Bonus 

This bonus means that players do not need to place a deposit in order to receive the bonus. It is often used as a sign up incentive for new players, promising them free funds to gamble with. Players can receive this bonus through promotional emails or simply signing up to the casino website.

Sometimes this is even added automatically to a players account. Players should always use caution with this bonus, as there is often some sort of restriction placed on the bonus. For example, players will often have a limit to the amount they can withdraw with a free deposit bonus. Always make sure to fully check the terms and conditions before agreeing. 

Match Bonus 

This bonus is triggered when players make a deposit at the casino, it often involves casinos promising to match your deposit up to 100%. This means that players who deposit £100 will get their deposit matched by 100% and this will make their account balance £200.

Traditionally used to encourage new signees, things to be aware of with this bonus is the percentages that casinos are offering. Make sure you fully read everything that they are offering first, some casinos may only match your bet if you deposit above a certain amount. 

Loyalty Bonus 

This bonus is given to players who are longtime players as opposed to new players. It is typically a reward for those who remain a consistent presence on a casino site, it varies from casino to casino.

When first signing up to a casino, being aware of what loyalty bonuses they offer should be an influence on your decision, especially if you are planning on being a consistent slot player. 

Free Spins Bonus 

This is a pretty self explanatory bonus, the casino will offer players free spins when they sign up to their site. Free spins bonuses are some of the most commonly used by slots and casinos, players enjoy them because of the ease they can use them. 

Free Money Bonus 

This is a bonus where casinos offer players a free amount of money if they manage to deposit above a certain amount. For example, a casino may offer a free £50 if a player deposits £20. This is known as a free money bonus. Players should be aware that if the minimum deposit is £20, they should stick to it. Depositing £30 will not increase the casino’s free money bonus offer. 


While some slot bonuses may be confusing to players, there is no doubt that they are highly popular additions to online slots. With a little knowledge, players can pick the bonuses which would suit their play style. The most important thing to remember is to always double check the terms and conditions of any bonuses you are signing up for.

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