Ski Tours in Georgia

If you are interested in trying out some winter sports activities in a remote region of a foreign country, you might want to explore the richness of ski touring opportunities in the country of Georgia. Georgia’s phenomenal off-piste skiing sites have a lot to give and, unlike many other things, it does not take a lot to go for it. Picturesque sceneries, snow-capped mountain peaks and the community full of life in your reach are only the beginning of what awaits you in Georgia. Ski touring in Svaneti’s and Gudauri’s breathtaking nature is truly surreal making you feel like in heaven, above clouds, literally. If this kind of experiences in nature appeal to your inner “me”, your stay in Georgia could be your best-spent vacation ever.

Already thinking about it? There are several very famous ski touring sites in Georgia, most popular of them being Svaneti, Gudaruri, Mount Kazbek, and Bakhmaro. However, what if you ask me, the local about ski touring in Georgia, the first thing that would come to my mind would be Svaneti and Gudauri as these ones are most talked about and also the most beautiful sites in general. So, are these sites for me? Remember that anybody can do ski touring and even the experienced climbers were once the novices. So, my answer is that it is for everybody who is ready to explore the uncharted lands of this picture-pretty country’s terrain and who are ready for new challenges and new life experiences. The cultural richness is most cherished in Georgia; truly this is a place where communities’ traditions rise above law and the people’s faith in Jesus Christ runs deep. If you are thinking about coming to either of the skiing sites I mentioned, that will only be the beginning of the unique blend of natural and cultural phenomena you are going to experience.

Admittedly, ski touring is not very popular among Georgians, however, that will not make your stay here any less joyful. Georgia has a lot of professional skis touring guides and companies where you can hire one. In fact, in many areas where tourists like to go, the lands might be well marked to help you navigate better. However, it is not recommended to go off-piste alone for several reasons. The difficulty of the route is not easy to predict without considering the variety of variables that affect it, for example, weather conditions, terrain, etc. For these reasons, ski touring in Svaneti or Gudauri is best enjoyed with a professional and preferably certified guide. Most importantly, the guides speak English here so you will not have trouble communicating. In addition, you may not want to spoil your stay in Georgia by arranging for little things. Those little logistical arrangements can be well taken care of by your tour guide so you can enjoy the most important parts of Georgia’s skiing sites. Me saying that I can also tell you that going with just your friends can also be a once-in-a-life experience, however, you should be ready for the technical difficulties of the Georgian snow-capped mountains.

In Caucasus mountains, climbing uphill can be as enjoyable as skiing downhill. Many tourists who have previously come to Georgia as their ski touring destination have noted how fresh and fine-grained the snow is in the country’s best touring sites. This makes it perfect for skiing and other leisure activities. In any case, if you come to Georgia, we recommend you go ski touring in both Gudauri and Svaneti. Visiting both sites can give a different perspective on climbing and skiing. You can find how different the terrains can be in a single mountain range (Caucasus) and how different cultures can be in a single country; in fact, so different that people in Svaneti speak a different Georgian-derived Svan language.

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