Should I Rent a Party Bus or Limo?


When celebrating a special occasion, such as a stag party, wedding, or prom, you need to arrive in style, and the best way to do this is by renting either a limo or a party bus and using a site such as Limo Find may be the best way to find one. However, deciding between these two options is often tricky as each have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you might find yourself somewhat conflicted as to which is the perfect pick. However, this does not have to be the case anymore as in this article, you will be taken through an in-depth comparison of these two, thereby allowing you to make an informed decision as to which of these two best meets your needs.

Are limos still in style? 

Limos for hire, such as those available at Price 4 Limo, are classic luxury vehicles that feature a spacious interior, privacy, deep seats, and in most cases, alcohol for you to drink. Therefore, it is no surprise why these cars are popular among politicians, movie stars, as well as famous musicians as they are a symbol of power and money. Because of this, a limo would be the perfect mode of transportation to a special event due to its striking impression that will leave everyone at your party awed.

The several benefits of hiring a limo include;

Cheaper to hire compared to a party bus hence perfect for a small group of people.
You get excellent privacy thanks to its tinted windows.
It is cozy and intimate, thus ideal for small groups.
It allows you to bask in its majestic grandeur and makes a statement.

Nevertheless, limos do have a few downsides including;

They are very formal so that they may make the dull the party mood
Limited sitting capacity as a mid-sized limo can only accommodate around ten passengers

Why should you hire a party bus? 

A party bus usually acts as a means of getting to the party destination as well as a moving party venue, hence why sports enthusiasts often use them to games as well as bachelor or bachelorette parties.

Typically, a party bus has a capacity of about 50 passengers, thereby making them excellent if you are traveling a large group to different destinations. Furthermore, it features extra room and high ceilings, which allows you to do numerous activities such as dancing and party games. It also provides you with plenty of versatility as you can customize the lighting and theme decorations to create a party atmosphere to get you cheered up while you are on the road.

The pros of hiring a party bus include;

It has more space to accommodate more individuals and for other party activities such as dancing.
There are more amenities on offer, including private VIP rooms, light shows, TVs, fog machines, laser lights as well as a stocked bar.
It is considerably cheaper to hire if you are a big group.

Despite all these advantages, party buses still have a few shortcomings, and these are;

The bigger size of the party bus may result in extra cleaning fees.
Party buses are not ideal for events that need elegance and class

Final verdict 

Both a party bus and limo are excellent for the special occasion you have planned. However, to decide which between these two to choose, you should consider the type of atmosphere and style you are looking to create, and the number of passengers each of these can accommodate.

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  1. I like how you said that it has a lot of space. My sister’s wedding is coming up next month, and she was wondering if she should rent a party bus for it. I’ll pass this information along to her so that she can know more about the benefits of renting a party bus.

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