Should I Enroll My Child in a Public Speaking Course?

In the age of technology and social media, is there a way to better prepare our children to be the CEOs and Ted Talk speakers of the world? How do we make sure our children will be able to communicate their ideas and opinions efficiently and be able to excel in their career?

Enrolling your child in a public speaking course is so important in today’s world. Learning how to introduce yourself, properly debate and give a speech and having the confidence to stand up in front of anyone and talk about anything is essential.

How exactly will a public speaking class do this? Let’s explore.

What Exactly Is a Public Speaking Course For Kids?

A public speaking course for kids is, in general, a class that teaches kids how to have the courage, confidence, and knowledge to give speeches and presentations.

In public schools, children often don’t get the necessary public speaking education that they need. This can be detrimental in social situations, class, and further on in life in interviews and meetings. Learning how to get up in front of a crowd and be able to talk or give a speech can open up many doors for your child.

The public speaking course will start small with ice breakers and introducing themselves, then moving on to impromptu talks as well as outlining and performing their own speeches. It also teaches body language, tones of voice, and other speaking techniques. Public speaking classes for kids offer so much more than you could imagine, it is a skill that will help them for the rest of their life.

Public Speaking “Toastmasters” Style

A toastmaster is a general term given to a person who is in charge of public speaking at an event, the master of ceremonies, or the boss. Having the skills of a toastmaster is extremely important these days. In a time where a lot of kids are expressing themselves on social media, how many of them can actually express themselves in person.

A public speaking “Toastmasters” Style class aims to get your child to that “Toastmaster” level. In this speech class, your student will learn about ice breakers, organization, and overcoming the fear of public speaking. They will know how to tell a story, how to respectfully debate, and the know-how to express their opinions.

Learning how to properly introduce themselves and command a crowd will give your child a leg up in many aspects of life. Organizing their written speeches in the correct ways and being able to determine which information is most important and exactly how to present it to their audience. They will learn how to capture someone’s attention and how to make an impression with your words. Eye contact, body language, and hand gestures are other crucial elements your child will learn.

The Toastmasters for kids classes also gives their students ways to overcome their speaking anxiety in a small and emotionally safe setting. They will learn how to present their ideas in an informative and interesting way to captivate their listeners.

Why Are Public Speaking Classes So Popular?

Communication is the most important part of any relationship, personal, educational, or business. Public speaking classes for kids will teach your child about non-verbal communication, tone of voice, volume, and most importantly that their voice matters. Confidence in their abilities as well as confidence in their opinions.

Overcoming social anxiety and public speaking fears will open your child up to more opportunities. At a time when virtual and often impersonal communication is at a high, students need to know the importance of in-person communication.

Empathy and being able to convey appropriate emotions are characteristics that are becoming less common but are as important as knowing math and how to read. When the public education system is lacking in public speaking classes, supplement with an extra class to make sure your child has the skills they need.

Should My Child Take a Public Speaking Course?

Yes. There is not a person in this world who wouldn’t benefit from a public speaking class. There is always room for improvement and to improve your abilities.

A toastmaster class for kids will also teach your child to be a better listener. Hearing different opinions and different people’s stories will allow them to open their minds and absorb information. They learn to be better listeners — not only better speakers. This will in return allow them to better understand other people’s opinions and form their own opinions about certain topics.

And as an added bonus, the skills they will learn and build on in a public speaking course will bubble over and improve other academic and personal aspects of their lives.

Your child shouldn’t wait until they’re in college or getting a high-profile job before they seek out a public speaking class or public speaking coach. Give them an early advantage and the confidence with a public speaking course.

Enroll Today!

A lot of adults still have a fear of public speaking and could benefit from a public speaking course. Don’t let this happen to your child, let Monster Education take over in the Public Speaking department with their Toastmasters class. Learning in a small group of just 4-6 kids with an accredited teacher and professional speaker will be an experience that will benefit them throughout their lifetime. Visit Monster Education’s website and sign up today!

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