Seasonal Garage Door Preparation

Many homeowners in Southlake, Texas, use their garage doors every day to easily and safely enter and leave their homes. But the temperature changes and harsh weather conditions can influence the overall quality and performance of your hardware and the functionality of your garage door system. These system failures can lead to property damages or dangerous situations. Also, it may leave you unsafe and inconvenient when you use your garage door.

With proper and seasonal garage door maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your garage door system, enhance garage door functionalities and avoid expensive and problematic garage door repair in Southlake needs. Christian Brothers garage door is the solution for your garage door repairs and needs.

Preparing Your Garage Door for Winter Season

In many areas, the winter season can be one of the most extreme seasons for your home, including your garage door opener and garage door, due to freezing temperatures, heavy winds, and excess moisture. To keep your garage door system in good condition and operating smoothly during the winter season, it is vital to conduct seasonal garage door maintenance.

Ignored garage doors can encounter hardware failures and damages or place additional pressure on your garage door opener. It can lead to your garage door refusing to lift or open or close, leaving you either left outside your garage or stranded inside during winter or harsh weather conditions. Avoid inconvenient and unfortunate garage door problems by preparing your garage door for the winter months with these easy and simple maintenance tasks:

    • Monitor Garage Door Operations
    • Examine and Tighten Hardware Parts
    • Check and Test Garage Door Balance
    • Change Weatherstripping if Necessary
    • Routinely Lubricate Parts
    • Tidy Up Dirt and Debris Buildup
    • Keep Garage Door Finish Clean

Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Due to many extreme temperatures in opposites, you should apply for many garage door winterization preparations to your garage door. You may do it as well as summer maintenance. Direct sun exposure, damaging heat, and heavy summer storms can negatively harm and impact the quality of your garage door parts and hardware and lessen the finish of your garage door.

Before the summer season begins, examine the balance and safety features of your garage door. Check the auto-reversing system and photo-eye sensors. Look over the hardware parts, looking for signs of corrosion and screwing pieces tightly as needed. In addition, you can apply a fresh coat of lubrication to any moving component to make sure they work smoothly. If you reside in a community with frequent hurricanes or tropical storms, make sure you adequately reinforce your garage door, examining any openings or holes that would be susceptible to extreme storms. Weak or damaged garage doors in a hurricane can negatively impact the internal pressure of your home, causing structural damage to your property.

To overhaul the appearance of your home and allow your garage door to stand out positively, wash your aluminum or steel garage door with water and mild dish detergent, terminating the built-up grime and dirt that accumulated on the surface during the winter season. Then, illuminate the appearance of your garage door by fixing and removing any rust buildup and using a new coat of paint.

Schedule Regularly Preventative Maintenance Services

Along with conducting regular maintenance tasks at the start of every season, especially before extreme times of the year, like summer and winter- you should contact a professional garage door technician to execute preventative maintenance services annually.

With yearly or regular maintenance services, you can guarantee the safety and efficiency of your garage door, prolong the lifespan of your garage door system and prevent expensive emergency repairs.

During the yearly preventative maintenance, one of our professional garage door technicians will examine all moving components on your door for indications of corrosion or wear, lubricate hardware, inspect weather seals and locking systems, conduct a UL 325 safety reverse test and look over keyless entry systems and other electrical parts. As necessary, we will make repair suggestions to improve the functionality and efficiency of your garage door.

Schedule Seasonal Maintenance and Garage Door Installation Services With Family Christian Doors

Do not prolong or avoid conducting regular garage door maintenance tasks- learn more about how to ready your garage door in the summer or winter months. You may schedule garage door maintenance services with Family Christian Doors now.

We have been providing quality garage door services, such as garage door installation, maintenance, repairs, and replacements throughout Southlake and surrounding cities.

Our team is composed of experienced and trained garage door professionals that can perform comprehensive garage door services. They also recommend repairs that can add to the functionality of your garage door. We are committed to giving quality yet affordable solutions to our clients. Give us a call now.

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  1. My garage door is already producing a squeaky noise, and that is why I’ve decided to start looking for repair service. I also agree with you that the door must be lubricated. Thank you for sharing the importance of removing debris too.

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